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InMoment Releases Major Updates to XI Platform to Help Companies Deliver Integrated Experiences Across the Entire Customer Journey

  • New solutions improve experiences from first impression all the way through to customer support
  • Launches the Product Experience Cloud providing an integrated view of user experience within digital product applications with deep ties to product analytics
  • Introduces new generation of XI Platform applications that facilitate and automate the discovery and distribution of data and insights–getting the data that matters to the people who care
  • Makes ratings and review data and insights from ReviewTrackers available within XI for a true multi-signal view
  • Fully integrates the capabilities of Lexalytics into the XI Platform—powering all unstructured analytics in XI through InMoment AI including emotion and intent
  • Utilizes award-winning AI-driven technologies to listen, understand, and transform experiences at scale

Auckland, June 29, 2022 — InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, announced today a powerful set of technology innovations on its market-leading XI Platform that help organisations acquire new customers, retain and increase loyalty of existing customers, and drive improved business performance—all within one seamlessly integrated platform.

“In order to win in the experience economy, companies need to deliver integrated experiences across the entire customer journey. It’s not just about customer satisfaction, it’s about new customer acquisition, retention, growth and profitability. It’s not a game of metric watching or even managing. It is about improving,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO at InMoment. “We have made major investments—both through technological innovation and strategic acquisitions to help our clients be able to design and deliver experience improvement at scale.”

InMoment is today announcing new integrated XI applications to help organisations understand changing consumer expectations, needs and preferences across their lifecycle, and enable them to rapidly take action on the insights in a truly agile fashion:

Product Experience Cloud™: An experience ecosystem built to help product managers, developers, and UX designers understand friction points that need to be addressed while also providing perspective to customer experience teams on how product interaction impacts the larger customer experience.  

Data Exploration™: The industry’s first search-based text analytics solution that explores unstructured data from any source for a single integrated view of experiences based on key themes, underlying sentiment, relative customer effort, intent and emotion so businesses can explore feedback and take action faster.

Spotlight™: An award-winning, sophisticated AI-based and natural language processing (NLP) power-user application for real-time automated insights discovery from all types of customer experience signals to improve customer and employee acquisition or customer recovery and retention.

Moments™: InMoment’s real-time mobile app, built to socialise experience feedback through a curated data feed which can be displayed on your phone or tablet, or through monitor displays in an office environment to help teams drive improvement on the go by sharing feedback, adding experiences to a collection of like comments, and closing the feedback loop to grow stronger customer relationships.

ReviewTrackers®: InMoment’s latest acquisition, ReviewTrackers, allows companies an unparalleled and seamless application for both solicited and unsolicited feedback to provide deeper customer insights, analytics, and action. Reviews are now seamlessly integrated into the InMoment CX (customer experience) cloud and available for analysis, trending and comparison alongside other forms of customer feedback. In addition, the ReviewTrackers’ applications are available for full customer review management in the InMoment MX (market experience) cloud.

In addition, enhancements have been made to existing XI applications to better facilitate inclusion, intelligent decision making, and sophisticated data workflows, all leveraging  industry-leading AI. They include:

Survey: The industry’s first WCAG 2.0 compliant feedback collection solution that uses a proprietary enhanced method, allowing businesses to efficiently integrate data workflows reducing errors and ultimately cost.

Reporting: Expert-designed industry and role-specific dashboards for the front line, CX teams, and C Level stakeholders that deliver an aggregate view of what’s happening by program, across regions, and through locations with flexible data views that unearth key business drivers.

Workflow: Automating the most time-consuming part of data analytics processing, Workflow seamlessly segments and drives automated action on your customer base within the XI Platform and triggers events in existing enterprise systems such as Slack, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce etc.

InMoment AI: Underpinning all XI applications is industry-leading InMoment AI, an intelligence engine powering both structured and unstructured analytics across the platform. InMoment AI combines advanced Machine Learning algorithms with industry specific taxonomies, near-universal language support and encapsulated vertical knowledge to deliver rich insights, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations through the XI application ecosystem.

More information about integrated experience through InMoment XI can be found here.

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​​Improving experiences is why InMoment exists. Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together. The heart of what we do is connect our clients with what matters most through a unique combination of data, technology, and human expertise. With our hyper-modern technology platform, decades of domain authority, and global teams of experts, we uniquely deliver a focus on Experience Improvement (XI) to help our clients own the moments that matter. Take a moment and learn more at


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