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Entertainment Brand’s Progressive CX Program Leads to Smarter Business Decisions in Every Department

A Brand that Brings People Together

We are happy to share a CX success story of an entertainment brand that is an innovative leader in creating entertaining experiences in state-of-the-art, technology-driven locations spanning five countries.

What’s Data Worth if It’s Not Being Used?

Before partnering with InMoment, the brand had a 15-question static survey, but the data it collected was not being utilized to improve or make changes. What is the point in gathering feedback if it’s not fueling improvement? The team was looking for actionable, real-time data, and its search for a vendor that could enable that level of intelligence led them to partner with us.

Guided by their success partners at InMoment, the company started by regearing their primary survey to include both dynamic and static questions, a shift that quickly yielded the actionable intelligence the brand was looking
for. In the first three months, the data allowed them to understand what drivers impacted customer satisfaction, including speed of service, value, and temperature. In addition to these revelations, the brand was able to find a solution to an issue that impacted the accuracy of its data: guests were filling out the survey the day after their visit, which didn’t give any indication of when they were there. Using service date reporting, the team could now see data based on the time guests were at the venue—not the time guests filled out the survey—giving the brand more context to the feedback.

“Business is not static; we need to be as dynamic in our consumer insights as our business needs us to be.”

“Many companies are only concerned about the trend line and are hesitant to change up survey questions,” says the team’s Manager of Guest Insights and Strategy. “Business is not static; we need to be as dynamic in our consumer insights as our business needs us to be.” By rotating questions, reviewing results, and making business decisions, the brand is continuously improving its guest experience.

A Proactive CX Program Leads to Smart Business Decisions

When it comes to program philosophy, it’s about more than managing the experience for this leader—it’s about improving it. That’s why the brand looks at its CX program with a “solve for X” perspective. How are we going to improve X? How did X change or impact our guests’ experience? In other words, how do various areas of the experience impact key business outcomes?

The brand’s CX program helps retain and acquire customers by constantly asking, “How can we make every experience better for our guests?” The brand’s customers are generous with their thoughts, and the company is quick to make additions or adjustments based on customer requests and feedback. This has created a dynamic program that is designed around creating great experiences. They are not afraid of innovation or asking new questions to gather intelligence about new products and promotions.

The company understands that every area of the business impacts the customer experience and, therefore, every department can gain key intelligence from customer feedback. To collect that feedback, the brand uses clear, actionable survey questions, which provide it with data to support the ‘why’ behind every business decision, in every department. With that intelligence in hand, the team decided to dive into the identified customer pain points, make informed business decisions to relieve any friction, and improve the overall guest experience.

Every Department Has an “X” to Solve for

Serving Staff

In hopes of increasing staff scores, the brand started extending its food and beverage staff training techniques. It trained staff on “clue scanning” (noticing when a guest needed something and being proactive to meet their need). This small change improved server experience for a small group of people or a larger group at an event, leading to a 5% increase in staff scores.


Another small but important change was implementing the Red Shirt Initiative. Managers at each location walk around and engage with any customer wearing a red shirt. The CX team added a survey question about the manager’s visit and found a 9% higher customer satisfaction score if the manager stopped by. In fact, Red Shirt engagement and guest issue rate have an inverse relationship with a -.76 correlation.


The company found its food and beverage (F&B) scores were lower than it wanted, but it couldn’t find the root of the dissatisfaction. It decided to separate Food and Beverage feedback to be two separate categories within its survey. Using the extensive qualitative data based on speed of service, value and temperature, the brand discovered its drinks were getting “weak and watery” reviews. Sharing this information with the operations team, they were able to see it was the locations with older ice machines that were receiving negative drink reviews. The
newer ice machines made slower melting ice, which makes for a less watery and better drink. The operations team then fixed the ice issue by standardizing the ice machines, influencing F&B scores to go up.

Game Development

When the brand launched a new game, it could see very quickly what guests were thinking. How? It added a new metric to their survey around “fun”! With this addition, the brand could identify some in-game elements that caused confusion and deterred guests from playing. The game development team was able to take that data and make changes, adding cues and tips on how to play the new game. This mitigated guest confusion and resulted in the “fun” metric scores to increase significantly and guest frustration levels to decrease.

Making Their CX Program as Dynamic as Their Business

The key to success at this company is believing that every department can make improvements and smarter business decisions utilizing CX data. In fact, the team’s CX program is now integrated in all product and promotion testing. The brand continues to ask new questions in its surveys with every new business initiative, trusting customer feedback to lead them in the right direction for future success.

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