Customers Are Speaking: Are You Listening?

Consumers talk. They do it on a scale that staggers. They do it at a speed that mystifies. They open their mouths and reveal their hearts. They spread thoughts and ideas to the minds of others, uniting and dividing along points of fairness, equality, status, and value. The yarns they spin explain current behaviors and expose future trends—to those with the listening capabilities to keep up, that is. This report shows the ways top retailers can tune in and turn out high-value customer experiences.

What You’ll See Inside

• How to actively (and successfully) seek shopper input

• Ways to generate positive feedback through positive experiences

• The 5 elements of a high-value customer experience

• Tips for taking action on the customer voice

• Social secrets to driving “irrational loyalty”

• The power of measuring behavior alongside intent

• Signs of an advanced customer experience optimization program

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