Action Planning

Know where to focus for maximum impact.

Basic action planning tools use simple calculations to move metrics—but moving metrics doesn’t necessarily move the needle.

Coach takes the customer voice and creates priorities tied to the greatest return on investment: where we should put more time, energy, and effort.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement

Field Coaching

Empower Your Employees

Using predictive analytics on both structured and unstructured data, Coach™ identifies emerging service trends at a location level.

Automated Action Plans

Every Team Needs a Great Coach

Coach creates dynamic, proactive action plans tied to brand-specific operating procedures and revenue-generating activities.

Location-Level Insights

Do More With Less

Unlike other action planning apps, Coach can make accurate recommendations even with low feedback volume.

Customer Story

Revenue Growth for 25+ Consecutive Quarters

After implementing Coach and data-driven improvements, a leading global restaurant brand saw a significant increase in all key metrics in just eight months including 34% in OSAT and 4% in revenue.

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Dynamic Action Planning

Move Beyond Insights

Insights without action are just that, and experience programs typically stall when brands don’t know what actions to take or even how to garner support and engagement. Our experience transformation experts will not only help you identify impactful initiatives, but will guide the change management and engagement process required to make experience improvement a part of every employee’s daily routine.

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