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InMoment Unveils Product Advancements to Improve Contact Centre Experiences and Online Reputation

Q1 Product Feature Highlights

InMoment’s Q1 product release brings together a wealth of highly anticipated new and improved features, capitalising on the capabilities of conversational intelligence and reputation management to elevate frontline performance, and customer experience, while driving efficiency and automation. These advancements drive overall business success for its clients, focusing on areas such as increased first contact resolution, decreased average handle time, customer acquisition, and cost reduction.

“I’m excited to announce today’s product updates and enhancements built to change the way our customers do business—all in line with an integrated CX approach,” says Sandeep Garg, Chief Product and Technology Officer. “This approach allows organizations to integrate and utilize data feedback signals like call transcripts, chats, emails, and social reviews alongside surveys to uncover deeper insights and make more informed business decisions.”

To dive deeper into any of these advancements, speak with an expert or contact a dedicated account manager.

Maximise Contact Centre Efficiency with Auto-Generated Conversation Summaries

AI-based technology automates and enhances the contact centre post-call wrap-up process reducing average handle time (AHT) by up to 33%. With automated analysis, users gain access to summarised call interactions, enabling them to identify conversation themes, product or service mentions, and related attributes, while also evaluating agent performance. This automated synopsis enables call centre agents to quickly summarise calls and pinpoint necessary follow-up actions, ultimately providing more accurate insights to decrease repeat calls and optimise overall contact centre capacity and efficiency. 

Use Case: “As a call centre manager, I need to significantly reduce the administrative time my team spends manually logging call notes so that they can spend more time assisting customers”

Call Summary: Instantly summarise the call with targeted insights to address customer concerns and agent performance.

Improve Survey Experiences with Tailored Conversational Prompts

Customise default prompts, tailoring them to different languages and industry-specific terminology aligning with distinct brand identity elements and industry standards. These personalised prompts not only minimise repetition for survey participants but also reveal additional feedback insights through personalised prompting. This feature is particularly beneficial for heavily regulated sectors concerned about privacy implications associated with generative AI.

Use Case: “As a CX manager, I need to personalise customer interactions to reflect the tone and language used by my brand and industry—fostering stronger connections and soliciting the most actionable feedback from my customers.”

Customised Active Listening Prompts: Prompt additional detail “Active Listening” to get to the root cause of an issue.

Benchmark Against and Outperform Competitors

Gauge brand reputation relative to competitors and take quicker action to improve online brand image through social reviews and ratings. Effortlessly analyse performance comparisons across various timeframes and location-based geographical metrics for enriched competitive insight and prompt immediate response to what is happening in the market.

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need access to easy-to-understand competitor performance insights and period-over-period comparison, so that I can take quicker actions on needed improvements.”

Competitive Snapshot: The table view presents metrics such as total reviews, average rating, tracked locations, and the geographic positioning in comparison to competitors.

Measure and Improve Conversions From Your Google Listings

Extract ROI-focused insights from Google Maps listings, including impressions, website clicks, call clicks, and navigation clicks and show the impact of your reputation management and customer experience initiatives. Use this new intelligence to continuously increase brand awareness, organic pipeline and sales, and drive store visits by effectively managing listings. 

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need visibility into the performance of our Google business listings, so that I can understand if our reputation management strategy is having a tangible impact on our acquisition performance.”

Google Maps Performance Insights: Google Maps listings performance data over time, including impressions, website clicks, call clicks, and navigation clicks.

Learn About These and More Innovative Product Features

The features InMoment announced today are a snapshot of the innovation of products and features available and on its extensive innovative roadmap. Interested in learning more contact an expert or a dedicated account manager. InMoment has shared its  Q1 product feature release notes here, and 2023 Q4 feature highlights here

Product innovation underscores the company’s dedication to building products and services that enable an integrated CX approach. This starts with aggregating solicited and unsolicited feedback, including structured and unstructured data, to gain deeper insights and drive smarter actions aimed at enhancing and improving customer experiences.

About InMoment:

InMoment, the leader in improving experiences and the highest recommended CX platform and services company in the world is renowned for helping clients collect and integrate customer experience data to uncover the insights that enable the smartest actions. As the pace setters in applying award-winning AI, its global clients activate every byte of their experience data—from structured surveys and social reviews to unstructured conversations from call logs, emails, support tickets, and chat transcripts to breakdown data silos. This unique technology combined with inhouse industry experts empower brands to gain ROI from their CX programs in half the time as its competitors. Unlock the true potential of every piece of customer data with InMoment. To learn more, visit

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