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Follow Google Maps Performance
Improve Experiences with Tailored Prompts
Automate Review Invites
Competitive Benchmark
Generate Conversation Summary
Reputation Metrics Slides
Monitor Parent/Child Performance
Run Drivers & Multiple Impact Predictors
Action Plans for Impact Predictor
Set & Track Goals
Assign Listings Directory
Search Case Keywords

InMoment Release Notes: Q1 2024

Take a peek into the latest integrated CX solutions from the world’s most recommended platform

InMoment Introduces Powerful New Integrated CX Capabilities  

We’re excited to bring you a new release of InMoment’s product suite featuring innovative enhancements to help you capture your customers’ strongest signals, gain the richest insights, and take the smartest actions.

To access the following features, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will gladly help configure them for you.

Feature #1

Follow Google Maps Performance

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required

**Included in the Locations – Starter and Locations – Essential Plans

Customer Challenge Addressed: CX leaders have always struggled to show the impact of feedback on acquisition. Organizations invest time and resources in their reputation management activities intending to expand revenue and reduce churn, but without visibility into performance insights, it’s difficult to measure the ROI of their efforts.

What It Is: Measure and improve conversions from your Google listings with ROI-focused insights from their performance. Use them to understand if your reputation management strategy is working and continuously increase brand awareness, organic pipeline, and sales.

Where It’s Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • Improve conversions with ROI-focused insights that show if your reputation management strategy is working
  • Follow Google listings performance: impressions, clicks to the website, clicks to calls, and clicks to navigation
  • Make strategy changes based on performance trends, then measure improvements

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need visibility into the performance of our Google business listings, so that I can understand if our reputation management strategy is working.”

Track Google Maps Performance to Gauge Reputation Management Success

Feature #2

Improve Survey Experiences with Tailored Conversational Prompts

*Experience Improvement (XI) Package Required

Customer Challenge Addressed: Businesses struggle with inefficient management of customer interactions, often resulting in disjointed conversations and missed opportunities for deeper engagement.

What It Is: Boost customer loyalty by incorporating brand-specific custom prompts in InMoment Active Listening. Tailor these prompts to match your brand voice perfectly or to elicit specific information, enhancing engagement and fostering stronger connections with your audience.

Where It’s Located: Text Analytics Manager

Value Points: 

  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement through context-sensitive conversational prompting agents
  • Easily personalize relevant experiences and tailor brand voice to resonate better with your audience’s preferences
  • Enhance user engagement and foster inclusivity with tailored prompts in the customer’s preferred language

Use Case: “As a CX manager, I need to tailor customer interactions to match the tone and language, so that I can better align with the brand voice and build stronger connections with customers, fostering trust and loyalty over time.”

 Tailor Conversational Prompts to Match your Brand Voice 

Feature #3

Automate Review & Feedback Invitations

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required 

**Included in the Locations – Starter and Locations – Essential Plans

Customer Challenge Addressed: Without the ability to plug and play with different integrations and trigger automated review and feedback requests, customers have to spend time and resources on expensive development, managed services, or manually set up their solicitation campaigns.

What It Is: Effortlessly increase your brand reputation by collecting more reviews for higher ratings and high-quality insights for CX improvement with automated review and feedback requests.

Where it’s Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • Achieve high social ratings by quickly increasing your review volume with automated review invitations
  • Deliver better experiences by gaining qualitative and quantitative data for further analysis 
  • Save time and resources with many available direct integrations

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need to be able to automate our review and feedback solicitation processes, so that I can get maximum insights and faster increase review volume with minimum effort.”

Automated Review Request Invitation Sent After a Specific Trigger Criteria Is Met in Salesforce

Feature #4

Benchmark Against & Outperform Competitors

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required

**Included in the Locations – Essential Plan


Customer Challenge Addressed: Analyzing all your competitors’ performance data is often time-consuming, and to stay ahead of the competition you need to quickly surface key insights that allow you to take faster actions to improve your strategy. Plus, drill down into period-over-period comparison in performance and geospatial metrics for each brand you compete against.

What It Is: Reveal how your brand stacks up against your rivals with access to easy-to-understand insights from your competitor analysis, including geospatial metrics. The period-over-period comparison allows you to understand how your performance changed and further improve your reputation strategy.

Where is it Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • Take quicker actions to increase performance with easy-to-understand competitor insights
  • Validate if your strategy is working with metrics comparison that shows performance changes over time
  • Access geospatial competitor metrics that show percentage of competitor locations your brand compete against, average distance, and more to further improve your brand performance

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need access to easy-to-understand competitor performance insights and period-over-period comparison so that I can take quicker actions on needed improvements.”

Compare Your Metrics Against Your Rival Brands


Feature #5

Generate Conversation Summary

*Advanced AI Package Required

**Requires Conversational Records

Customer Challenge Addressed: Service teams spend on average a third of their total call time summarizing the outcomes when they could be using that time and money to improve customers’ experiences. This allocation of resources poses a challenge for businesses that want to enhance customer experiences, as it detracts from the time and financial resources that could otherwise be allocated to improving service quality and addressing customer needs.

What It Is: Provides users with access to summarized call interactions, allowing them to discern conversation themes, product or service mentions, and related attributes, and evaluate agent performance. This automated summarization process empowers managers with deeper insights while enabling agents to allocate less time and resources to documenting call disposition, thereby enhancing customer assistance efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Where is it Located: Spotlight

Value Points: 

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT) by up to 33%
  • Improve contact center capacity and customer satisfaction
  • More complete, actionable insights to reduce repeat calls
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty from improved contact center experience

Use Case: “As a call center manager, I need a tool that automates the summarization of call interactions so that my team can efficiently identify conversation trends, product mentions, agent performance, and associated characteristics without dedicating excessive time and resources to manual analysis.”

Automated Summarization for Enhanced Call Management


Feature #6

Distribute Main Reputation Metrics Slides PDF 

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required

**Included in the Locations – Starter and Locations – Essential Plans


Customer Challenge Addressed: Busy teams need an easy way to create presentation-ready, slide-based reports that they can schedule and distribute to stakeholders. This allows them to keep everyone informed with minum effort.

What It Is: Build and distribute presentable slide-based PDF reports that visualize key reputation metrics, experience insights, and competitor analysis. Schedule delivery for timely updates customized to stakeholders’ interests.

Where It’s Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • Make reporting effortless with presentation-ready, slide-based reports created with just a couple of clicks
  • Keep your stakeholders informed with the ability to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly deliverability 
  • Tailor your reporting for your audience by customizing your slides based on metrics and data sets

Use Case:  “As a marketing manager, I need to be able to schedule delivery of presentable reports, so that I can easily keep stakeholders informed with minimum effort.”

Create a Slide-Based PDF Report and Export or Schedule Delivery to Keep Stakeholders Informed

Feature #7

Monitor Parent/Child Account Performance Metrics

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required

**Included in the Locations – Starter and Locations – Essential Plans

Customer Challenge Addressed: Enterprise customers with thousands of locations, partners, and multi-brand organizations with parent-child account structure implementations need to easily monitor performance of each child account on parent-level so they can quickly spot accounts at risk and take actions to improve performance. 

What It Is: A centralized dashboard experience to view, compare, and aggregate key performance metrics on a parent level for each child account, allowing for quick and informed decisions.

Where It’s Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • View and compare the performance metrics: average rating, total reviews, response rate, and response time of all child accounts in one place
  • Quickly identify at-risk accounts and take further actions to improve performance
  • Access one central score that aggregates the performance of all your accounts

Use Case: “As a marketing manager in an agency, I need to be able to easily monitor the performance of each client account under our agency account, so that I can quickly identify risks and opportunities and make necessary changes to their reputation strategy.” 

“As a marketing manager in a larger enterprise, I need to be able to easily monitor the health of each brand/product under our corporate umbrella, so that I can quickly identify risks and opportunities and make necessary changes to our reputation strategy.”

 Parent-Account Dashboard Showcasing Child-Account Performance Metrics




Feature #8

Run Key Drivers & Deploy Multiple Impact Predictors

*Advanced AI Package Required

Customer Challenge Addressed: Many CX Analysts often struggle to know exactly where to focus their efforts to have the greatest impact on their key metrics. They essentially lack the ability to compare and contrast data across multiple segments to inform which actions should be prioritized.

What It Is: Effortlessly generate multiple key drivers per collection, providing you with deeper insights into your business operations. Additionally, enhance your dashboard pages by integrating Impact Predictor widgets, enabling you to visualize critical data points and make informed decisions with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Where It’s Located: Spotlight

Value Points: 

  • Faster speed to insights with side-by-side comparisons of drivers and predictions
  • Dig deeper into customer segments with multiple key driver analysis
  • Drive improvement plans based on a fine-grained understanding of customer sub-groups

Use Case: “As a CX insights manager, I want to understand the drivers behind both my churning customers and my promoting customers to do a side-by-side Impact Predictor comparison of each to identify an improvement plan that will lower churn and increase promoters.”

Deeper Insights with Multiple Key Drivers per Collection

Feature #9

Utilize Action Plans for Impact Predictor Initiatives

*Advanced AI Package Required



Customer Challenge Addressed: Most CX programs are still in a reactive state of responding to individual customer issues, and not addressing the systemic issues. This often leads to disjointed efforts and missed opportunities to address key insights obtained from analyzing key drivers.

What It Is: Create, manage, and track the progress of action plans with business improvement goals related to insights gained from exploring key drivers and impact predictions.

Where It’s Located: Spotlight

Value Points: 

  • Take the CX program from a reactive to a proactive state of demonstrating ROI over time
  • Address systemic issues at their core, reducing repeat calls and cases
  • Drive team alignment and accountability with transparent goal-setting

Use Case: “As a call center manager, I want to easily track and manage action plans related to business improvement goals, so that I can transition the CX program from a reactive to a proactive state, addressing systemic issues, and driving team alignment.”

Drive Increased Performance Via Action Plans That Improve Main Metrics


Feature #10

Set and Track Performance Against Goals

*Advanced AI Package Required

Customer Challenge Addressed: Businesses struggle to effectively monitor and track progress towards their goals, often lacking intuitive tools to set and visualize performance benchmarks. This leads to ambiguity in goal tracking and difficulty in assessing progress accurately.

What It Is: Easily set performance benchmarks and visualize progress with shading above or below the target value. Stay on top of your objectives and drive success with our intuitive tracking features.

Where It’s Located: Spotlight

Value Points: 

  • Enable precise performance monitoring and progress assessment
  • Foster greater efficiency and alignment with strategic objectives
  • Provide actionable insights into performance trends and areas requiring attention

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need the ability to set goals so that I can easily track performance and make informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies and campaigns.”

Intuitive Goal and Progress-tracking Tools

Feature #11

Assign Listings Directory Specific Phone Number

*Reputation Management (ReviewTrackers) License Required

**Included in Local Listings Add-on

Customer Challenge Addressed: Pipeline attribution is one of the most important aspects of understanding and optimizing customer acquisition. While Google shows click-to-call volume, it won’t factor in calls if someone dials the number manually. Furthermore, other directories don’t offer that same reporting functionality. As such, many customers choose to assign unique phone numbers based on directory or campaign to provide more holistic call attribution.

What It Is: Further track and understand what marketing channels and activities are generating the most calls with the ability to assign a unique phone number for each of your listings directories.

Where It’s Located: ReviewTrackers

Value Points: 

  • Improve your pipeline attribution process with more granular tracking
  • Gain enhanced control over your business listings management
  • Effortlessly assign or change the phone number for each of your directories from the same platform

Use Case: “As a marketing manager, I need to be able to assign a specific phone number to each listing directory, so that I can further understand what marketing channels and activities generate the most call volume.”

Assign Listings Directory-Specific Phone Number

Feature #12

Search Case Keywords for Faster Resolution

*Case Management Add On Required

Customer Challenge Addressed: Caseworkers often need to access specific cases quickly to optimize customer issue resolution performance. To close these cases faster, workers may want to work through issues regarding similar topics. Locating these customer issues can be burdensome and labor-intensive without the right tools.

What It Is: Quickly locate and resolve customer issues with case search. Users may search by key response terms, or filter answer options. 

Where It’s Located: Case Management

Value Points: 

  • Reduce friction points within the case management lifecycle
  • Access individual or groups of cases containing specific keywords
  • Locate customer issues quickly by searching filter answer options

Use Case: “As a caseworker, I need to be able to quickly access one-off, or groups of customer issues so that I can resolve cases faster and optimize the resolution process.”

Quickly Locate Customer Issues Via Keyword Search

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The features you have seen today represent the highlights from our Q1 2024 launch. Additional enhancements and capabilities have been released that are not included here, but can be found in our detailed release notes.

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