Active Listening Studio

Control the way you listen.

The Active Listening Studio™ is a one-of-a-kind listening suite that gives you the control to gather feedback at every touchpoint.

The Active Listening Studio allows customers to tell us what’s most important to them, in the way they want, instead of bombarding them with questions and surveys only we care about.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement

DIY Survey Creation

Take the Reins

Design, create, and deploy smart and effective full surveys and micro-surveys for your core programme or ad-hoc research queries.

Engagement Engine

Conversations, Not Interrogations

InMoment’s patented, AI-powered Engagement Engine™ encourages rich conversations by listening and responding to customers in real time, eliciting not only more, but more valuable responses.

Issue Resolution

From Surveying to Solving

Solve customer issues before they ever reach an agent. The Rapid Resolution Engine™ directs customers to helpful information within the feedback experience, proactively reducing contact centre volume and significantly improving the customer experience.

Eligibility Engine

Avoid Over-Soliciting

Dodge survey fatigue with our Eligibility Engine™, which automatically monitors survey frequency and suppresses invitations for those who have already responded.

Social Monitoring

Capture Every Customer Story

InMoment helps you tap into popular online review and social sites and embeds these stories alongside additional experience data, ensuring you have the full spectrum of the customers’ voice built into your business decisions.

Video Upload
Multimedia Feedback

How You Listen Matters

Hearing your customers’ stories and seeing facial expressions and body language adds a depth of understanding and emotion that supplements traditional text feedback and reviews.

Customer Story

More Effective Listening

Using the Active Listening Studio to revamp its listening, a leading global retailer increased survey response rates by 37% and response length by 38%. This meant more and better customer-sourced guidance for every department across the organisation.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Predict and Plan for Emerging Customer Journeys

Customer journeys can change on a dime and the only guarantee is that today’s journey looks nothing like yesterday’s—and tomorrow’s will certainly be something new. Our journey mapping workshops help you predict and plan for these changes, so while your competitors are scrambling to adapt, you’re prepared to meet the evolving needs of the market.

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