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Connect all data from any source, in any format

Remove any reliance on IT and reduce operational costs

Transform your organization by simplifying complex tasks

Clean and enrich data within the platform

Send data in real-time to its proper location via secure data transfer protocols.

Enterprise organisations gather data from multiple systems with thousands of data points every day. Efforts to clean, update, and enrich this data manually is nearly impossible and a major resource constraint, resulting in many companies underutilising the insight they have available. Let the XI Platform do all the work to manage your data, so your CX leaders and internal IT teams can focus on experience improvement not miscellaneous data management activities that all too often bog you down and are costly.

Advanced Data Management

Ingest Data Without IT

Gone are the days of manually preparing data for upload or export. Send XI a sample file as-is and Workflow™ will automatically clean and process it for ingestion into the platform. Extract data and deliver it in a variety of formats such as a flat file or through an API.

Remove Data Silos

Discover the “Why”

Context is vital to understand the why behind your scores. Workflow enables you to easily gather, analyse, and visualise data from across your organisation to break down silos and get the full picture.

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Hierarchy Updates

Automate Your Organisational Structure

Your organisation is constantly evolving, and access to experience data must change with it. Workflow automatically adjusts users, roles, and permissions as your hierarchies change.

InMoment helped us navigate our fatigue rules using the Workflow tool. The creative solution allowed us to preserve our existing process while maximizing feedback from customers. As a result of Workflow, we were able to quickly and efficiently solve technical problems.”

Nicola Legge, Bank of New Zealand’s Market Research Director.

Data Import

Data From Anywhere, In Any Format

Using Workflow, your team can ingest social data from its main competitors. Then Workflow automatically cleanses the data and pairs it with a specific location, giving the company a quick and accurate view into its top competitors by location.

API as a Source and Destination

Increase Data Customisation

Enable custom integrations for a faster model for sending and receiving information within the XI platform.

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Know More About Your Customers to Unlock Growth

Gain a complete view of customers’ experiences, bringing in additional perspectives such as behavioural, operational, and CRM data.

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Drive Efficiency

Automate Action at Scale

Streamline enterprise-wide tasks in existing business systems to surface challenges, and drive improvements. Curate, automate, and schedule survey initiatives once a target audience is identified.

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Data Security

Worry Less, Get More Insights

Keep your data safe, but don’t compromise your insights. We’ve made it simple to ensure any information that is passed from clients to InMoment is secure all the way through transmission.

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