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Enabling Immediate Action and Meaningful Improvement


XI Experience Clouds

From third-party delivery to distributed workforces to telemedicine, the ways we shop, dine, work, and receive care are forever changed—and will continue to evolve. The XI Experience Clouds are thoughtfully crafted to help you synthesize disparate data sources and identify emerging trends.

Each cloud provides a suite of applications—augmented by industry-specific specialists—that enable the jobs to be done within various departments. Whether it’s your human resources team, digital marketing specialists, or operational data analysts, the Experience Clouds ensure the right people at your company have access to the information and insights they need, enabling streamlined workflows, immediate action, and measurable improvement.

Experience clouds

Identify the Moments that Matter

Built on a robust and modern architecture, Experience Clouds can be used individually or in combination to create a holistic view of your organisation’s experience improvement initiatives.

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Customer Experience

Increase Customer Value

The CX Cloud is a single source of truth for customer data—a digital watercooler that helps facilitate conversations among colleagues with one purpose in mind: improving the customer experience.

Customer Experience

Limitless Integrations

With customer data in one place, and the ability to integrate additional data sources via API, the CX Cloud empowers you to improve experiences and increase customer value by acquiring more customers, earning more business from existing ones, retaining them longer, and making their experiences simpler. Who wouldn’t want that?


Data From Every Source

It helps you go beyond direct feedback (e.g., surveys and chat logs) by incorporating indirect (e.g., social reviews and mentions) and inferred (e.g, CRM and point-of-sale) data sources—ensuring you’re no longer forced to make business decisions based on a fraction of available customer data.

Direct Sources
Indirect Sources
Inferred Sources

Fulfillment is the New Satisfaction

Through comprehensive offerings related to employee milestones, leadership development, and organisational change, the EX Cloud helps you identify the moments that matter for your employees and create a positive workplace culture where employees can actively contribute and grow.

Employee experience is about so much more than job satisfaction. In fact, research shows that an engaged workforce yields lower turnover, higher output, and happier customers. InMoment’s EX Cloud gives you the intelligence to move beyond satisfaction—and even engagement—to achieve employee fulfillment.

Targeted Survey

Give Your Employees a Voice

Plus, employees excel when they have a voice. The employees’ perspective on improving delivery of customer experience—known as Voice of Employee—provides brands with a unique look into customers’ experiences, emotions, delights, and struggles. InMoment’s VoE solution can be implemented at established touchpoints and intervals, leveraged through ad hoc invites and “always open” portals, or built into your closed loop process for real-time understanding of issue resolution and root cause.

Employee Experience

CX Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum

When coupled with the CX Cloud, EX efforts become even more impactful, ensuring your employees are empowered to drive the business outcomes that matter most to you.


Modern Market Research

From pricing to products to how and where to advertise, Voice of Customer data contains an undeniable wealth of intelligence. And while leveraging the data you already have can help you answer your most pressing questions—sometimes you need more.

MX focuses on intelligence from the broader market—competitors, non-purchasers, and other market dynamics not contained within traditional CX programmes. The MX Cloud helps you understand how to differentiate from competitors, attract new customers, identify emerging trends, and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Market experience

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re launching ad-hoc surveys to your customers on the fly, leveraging a global panel of consumers, or benchmarking yourself against the competition, the MX Cloud empowers you to perform modern market research in a matter of minutes.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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