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The experience economy is here to stay. In the new normal, where businesses no longer dictate to customers, but customers tell businesses, how, when, and where they want things done, understanding, managing and improving a seamless offline and online customer experience is a make-or-brake focus for companies around the globe.

Join us over three afternoons, 12 – 2 pm BST / 1 pm – 3 pm CEST

Learn how to focus on delivering business outcomes through your CX programme and answer your most pressing questions to leverage increased business results through improved experiences for your customers and employees.

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DAY 1 – Design & Listen

Collecting Feedback Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Traditionally, the world of  Experience Management has focused on scores and metrics. And that’s all well and good, but the fact is that metrics are inherently limited. They can only tell you what has happened in the past. Not why it happened, what it means, what to do about it, or how to prevent it in the future. The road to true experience programme success begins with clearly defining an experience strategy that aligns with overall business goals and brand promises and then designing a programme purpose-built to support those goals.



Craig Wells – Senior Operations Excellence Manager, Pizza Hut Restaurants

Claire Sporton – Customer Experience and Customer Success Leader, Sporton Consulting Ltd

Stephan Thun – President & Managing Director, InMoment

Simon Fraser – Vice President Customer Experience Strategy, InMoment

DAY 2 – Understand

Uncovering The Story Behind Your Data

What moments matter to your customers? By understanding why people do what they do, what emotions drive them, you will be able to take informed action to solve problems and provide a truly differentiated experience for your business.







Madeleine Linden – Senior Manager, CX Insight, Virgin Money

Kerry Matheson – CX Research Manager, Virgin Money

Ben Daubney – Director of Strategic Insights, InMoment

Tracey Pankhurst – Insights Director, InMoment

Derek Eccleston – CX Consultant, InMoment

DAY 3 – Transform & Realise

Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

Once all the listening posts are set up for your customers and you have gained an understanding of who they are and what they need and expect, it’s time to take action by making meaningful improvements and/or creating entirely new experiences in order to retain your customers in an ever evolving market. Success can only be attained when brands move beyond metrics and toward listening to the moments that matter most to customers, understanding who they are, using the intelligence gathered  to make transformational improvements, and realising those improvements’ impact on the business.


Joshua Sorene – Head of Insight Analytics, HSBC

Nancy Sloan – Insight Manager

Henriette Brakelmann – Senior Consultant, MSR Consulting

Christine Hemphill – Founder & Managing Director, Open Inclusion

Josh Wintersgill – Open Inclusion

Juliette Burton – Comedian, Writer, Mental Health Charity Ambassador

Steph Cutler – Founder, Making Lemonade

Dennis Syrkowksi – Consumer Insights Manager, Toyota

Matthias von Alten – Vice President, Publicis

Peter Lavers – Dirctor, Customer Attuned

Chris Travell – Director Customer Success Automotive, InMoment

Anthony Wright – Senior Director, InMoment

Angie Devall – Vice President Global Customer Success Director, InMoment


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“Measuring Doesn’t Make You Taller”

Stephan Thun, President & Managing Director EMEA


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Learn how to focus on delivering business outcomes through your CX programme and answer your most pressing questions to leverage increased business results through improved experiences for your customers and employees.


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