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How to Leverage All Your Data, Not ‘Just’ Survey Feedback, to Meaningfully Improve Customer Experiences

Author: Jessica Petrie, Ph.D., Senior Strategic Insights Consultant, InMoment

This article was originally published on Greenbook Blog

These days, it seems like you can’t buy anything without getting some sort of survey right after the fact. Surveys are powerful tools for gathering insights and have been for many years, but between their intense proliferation and younger shoppers’ reluctance to complete them, response rates have declined significantly in recent years. This presents a data collection challenge for the brands that want to hear back from their customers and create Experience Improvement (XI), one that technologies like SMS and QR codes can only go so far to solve.

Organisations can (and should) attempt to solve this problem by constantly reevaluating their survey design, but there’s another avenue to pursue here, and that’s going beyond traditional surveys and feedback gathering methods to get to know your customers as people. Focus on this goal instead of improving response rates, and you’ll have a greater amount of better data with which to gain a holistic view of your customers. In other words, the end result of going beyond surveys is more human connections and a stronger bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at four powerful sources of non-survey data:

  1. Location-Tracking Data
  2. Purchasing Data
  3. Web Searches
  4. Social Media & Online Reviews

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