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Ignite Business Growth with the Smartest Actions

Even with a robust listening strategy and cutting-edge AI delivering the strongest signals and richest insights, without action, your efforts fall short. CX programmes are incomplete without an intelligent, collaborative approach to driving action across the entire end-to-end customer journey.

On-Demand Webinar: Drive The Smartest Actions to Grow Your Business Results
At InMoment, we understand this need for a simpler, more effective approach. Our proven method—Strongest Signals, Richest Insights, Smartest Actions—is your gateway to understanding your customers better than ever before.
Our final session of the Integrated CX series is here to empower you with the know-how to take the smartest actions, yielding tangible results that save thousands (or even millions!) by reducing churn and costs.
Learn from product experts Derek Eccleston, XI Advisor and Evelin Kremer, Director Solution Consulting at InMoment how to:
  1. Create repeatable, smarter systems of action across the organisation that demonstrate tangible short- and long-term ROI.
  2. Create and route cases and actions to the right people, at the right time to provide one-on-one support to solve the issue at its core.
  3. Empower marketing teams to acquire new customers by using feedback from ratings and reviews.
  4. Prompt frontline teams on how to respond to feedback whether that’s through instant closed-loop response generation or even automatically resolving the issue within the survey using natural language processing.
  5. Automate issue resolution and solving problems in the moment to help you focus resources on issues that need individual attention.
  6. Predict the impact of CX by analysing the way changes in individual key drivers could potentially impact your business.

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