Digital Transformation Webinar

Redefining the Digital Transformation in Experience to Work for Your Business

The “digital transformation” has been a conversation point for a few years now, but for many businesses, it has been just that: a conversation. These businesses are struggling with how to actualize the digital transformation across their businesses, and especially in their customer experience (CX) programs. 

So how do brands actually transform to succeed in this digital era? In this conversation, InMoment’s Radi Hindawi and Dave Wiser will help you redefine the digital transformation to include both the technology and the action you need to truly realize it across your business. They’ll cover:

  • The definition of true digital transformation (and how to get there) 
  • How your data infrastructure can set you up for success (or failure) 
  • The stories of brands that have undergone transformation (and seen the benefits)

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