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Where Safety, Reliability, and Profitability Meet

It’s easy for consumers to take their utilities for granted. Flip a switch—the light goes on. Turn a knob—there’s heat to make dinner. But then one day, a storm causes extensive outages and damage to power lines or the economic environment means customers can’t afford to make a payment. In general, interactions with utility companies are few and far between; however, when they happen, they matter immensely.

Exceed Your Customers Expectations with InMoment

At InMoment, we help utility companies get things right at the moments that matter most to their customers. As more markets become deregulated, infrastructure ages, and new energy sources emerge, our products and extensive expertise can be that differentiator you need to deliver a safe, reliable, and profitable experience for all.

An Infrastructure for the Modern Customer

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InMoment has partnered with regulated and deregulated energy and utility companies for two decades. We’ve helped utility companies become more customer-centric, assisted in rate increase actions with Public Utilities Commissions (PUC), and moved old analog systems to new modern programmes.

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