27 & 28 September 2022 | 30 Euston Square, London

Join the most experienced CX practitioners and thought leaders for two days of inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities. This all-in-one conference will help you ELEVATE experiences for customers and employees in 2022 and beyond.


As part of our commitment to the Valuable 500 and bringing inclusive experiences closer to our customers, employees and network, we will be donating 10% of all the ticket sales to the Princes Trust – a charity dedicated to enabling young people to start a better future.

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Customer Expectations Are Changing Fast—Do You Have A Plan to Stay Ahead of Them?

Every successful company, no matter their industry, places a high value on providing customers and employees with better, more differentiated, and more personalised experiences.

In a world where digital and physical experiences converge, brands are tasked with creating cohesive, consistent experiences across channels and throughout the customer journey that link their online and offline strategies. Are you ready?

Join one of Europe’s largest event for CX professionals: XI Forum 2022. Spread over two days, you will learn how to achieve your goals and create measurable outcomes with your experience programme. We’ll answer your most pressing questions to help you improve your customer and employee experience programmes, quickly and effectively.

We are offering two ticket options, you can join us for both days to participate in the interactive workshops and the conference, or you can attend just the conference on the second day to network and hear from our practitioners and guest speakers. Secure your tickets today!


Which of These Best Describes Your CX Programme?

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Kicking Off
You’ll learn how to design a customer experience program from the ground up, with an emphasis on a strong foundation. This will ensure your program is pointing to ROI from the start.


Embedded, But Disconnected
Discover the “why” behind your customer data, which will help establish buy-in across the business. When people start seeing real customer improvements, momentum is inevitable.


Mature and Thriving
You’ll learn how to encourage a culture of action and prove the return on customer experience investment—whether that’s customer retention, customer acquisition, or reducing costs.


Tuesday, 27th September 2022

To view the detailed descriptions of each workshop follow this link


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Workshop I

A Master Class In Building, Deploying, And Driving Value From Your ‘Single View of Customer’.

Stanford Swinton, CEO and Founder, NPSx by Bain & Company

Many companies are trying to build a ‘single view of customer’ but not many agree on what that means, and creating a customer database is only half the battle. This workshop will explore the critical components of a successful SVoC program from defining the SVoC taxonomy to powering use cases and predictive analytics.


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Workshop II

How Can Market Research Stay Relevant in Today's Fast Paced, Technology-led World of CX?

Jeremy Griffiths, VP Consulting & Insights & Corinna Holm, Senior Research Executive, InMoment

The goal of any CX programme is to drive change and improve business performance. For most organisations improvements are needed across the business; from launching new products, to optimising customer journeys or touchpoints. As CX practitioners, we have the power to use technology to build our own surveys, run our own analysis and integrate with other data sources to make decisions. We can do all of this at pace and therefore, is now the time to ask if Market Research is still relevant?” At InMoment, we firmly believe the answer is YES! It is our belief that the disciplines of Market Research are as relevant now as they have always been and in this workshop we will explore why a close partnership between CX and Market Research will drive better business outcomes.


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Workshop III

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Get There First

Derek Eccleston, XI Consultant, Emma Hodgetts, Senior Customer Success Director & Verity Hunt, Customer Success Director, InMoment

The ROI of a CX programme is determined by the actions that are taken and the outcomes that ensue. In this workshop, Derek will share best practices about how to operationalise and embed experience improvement through swift and decisive actions that deliver value, meaning that everyone in your organisation is able to see improvement and will be inspired to take action to drive positive change. He will also explore how to ‘get there first’ by anticipating and solving client problems early.


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Workshop IV

Building Inclusive Intelligence Into Your Brand: Inclusive CX Design and Innovation For, With and by Diverse Consumers

Christine Hemphill, Founder and Managing Director, Open Inclusion

Only 4 percent of businesses are focused on making offerings inclusive of disability. Would you like to make your business more valuable by providing customer experiences that are more consistently inclusive to the 1 in 5 people in our community who have permanent additional needs, while also supporting the temporary or situational needs that may impact the experience of all your customers from time to time? In this workshop Christine will help you identify some very practical approaches to build momentum and value through inclusive design. As an inclusive CX researcher and strategist, Christine will share approaches you can adopt and adapt to suit your brand ambitions that are grounded in your current inclusive brand experiences. This approach combines top down and bottom up perspectives – using progressive enhancement (progress over perfection) to prioritise and address current experience gaps, while in parallel assessing more extreme user’s unmet needs to identify innovation opportunities for brand differentiation that may be needed by some and appreciated by many.


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Coffee Break


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Workshop V

Driving a Culture of Data Driven Decision Making

Joe Vassie, Head of Insights & Analytics, ASOS Customer Care; Ben Daubney, Director of Strategic Insights, InMoment

In a world of data paralysis, data has the potential to both mobilse and immobilise a business. In this workshop, we will discuss the power found when organisations realise the full value of their data, that means everyone – whether you’re a CX Analyst, Operations Manager, or human resource specialist – is empowered to make better decisions with data, every day. Join this session to understand the process of using data to make informed and verified decisions, to drive tangible business impact, that overcome bias.


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Workshop VI

Indirect Feedback and XI: The Next Step In Your CX Maturity Journey

Jeff Gallino, Founder, CTO and Head of Global Partnerships & Frank Sherlock, General Manager of EMEA, CallMiner

"Many companies who focus on gaining customer insights are struggling to overcome low response rates due to survey fatigue. At the same, they face a constant challenge trying to translate survey responses into meaningful analysis and actionable insights. Sound familiar? Join CallMiner and explore the next step in your journey towards CX Maturity to drive experience improvement throughout your organisation. Learn how you can elevate your insights by analysing unstructured interactions your company has with customers every day. Identify opportunities to mine indirect feedback to democratise insights and drive business change… Learn from the experiences of companies that have overcome survey fatigue to dig deeper into the experiences of their customers, employees, and shareholders.


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Workshop VII

Driving Growth with Customer Journey Management

Mike Renzon, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, inQuba

‘CX Leaders Have The Opportunity And The Responsibility To Drive Growth’ Forrester April 2021 – however, the disconnect between C-Suites and CX teams continues. CEOs care about sustainable growth, value creation, new customers, retention, and market share while CX teams care about NPS, loyalty, CSAT, CES, and customer sentiment. Given this misalignment, CX programmes can be deprioritised in favor of bringing in new customers, selling new products, and entering new markets. This workshop demonstrates how real-time customer journey management can be systematically applied to driving growth strategies, making the CX team the growth heroes!


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Workshop VIII

Back To The Future: Learning From The Past To Change The Future

Claire Sporton, Head of CX, Ardoq, Morgan Evans, Managing Director, GemSeek, Simon Hedaux, Co-Founder, ReThink Productivity & Simon Fraser, VP Customer Experience, InMoment

This workshop is an opportunity to discuss how experiences have developed over the last decade, including the trends, forces and concepts that have shaped our direction of travel, whilst looking ahead to consider what’s coming next. We will cover how to step back and consider the big macro forces that inform experience improvement and design. The workshop will also cover the key principles in Design, Listen, Understand, Transform, and Realise, sharing learnings on the key stories from the last 10 years. Interact with experts, including your CX peers, on where experiences are heading, and how best to stay ahead.


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Colourful Networking Reception

Kibele Restaurant

Wednesday, 28th September 2022


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Registration and Breakfast


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Welcome Address

Stephan Thun, Managing Director, EMEA at InMoment


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The FUTURE of Customer Experience: How You Should Think About It and What You Should Know

Kristi Knight, CMO at InMoment

Customer experience (CX) has made big promises to brands; Essentially, if you listen to customers and act on that feedback, you’ll see results like loyalty, retention and other positive business outcomes. This session was designed to shake up that perspective—CX leaders need a new paradigm of the total customer experience, not to mention connecting their programs to key business initiatives. And we're here to help! InMoment’s Global CMO, Kristi Knight, will show delegates how to move beyond collecting operational and customer feedback, toward building differentiation from competitors, and ultimately designing and innovating new revenue streams and customer segments for the future.


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Design & Listen

Creating a Customer-Focused B2B Company With Outstanding Success

Indrajit Rana, Head of Sales Excellence + Customer Intelligence , TRUMPF SE + Co. KG

TRUMPF is the market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. Its software solutions pave the way for smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions and high-tech processes in industrial electronics. Satisfied and loyal customers and employees are of the utmost importance to TRUMPF. For this reason, a programme was developed to further expand the company's customer orientation. The focus is less on collecting data and more on analysing and implementing customer feedback. TRUMPF developed a new approach with NPS+, which was introduced to complement the already implemented transactional measurements and an extensive strategic survey.


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Design & Listen

Developing a CX Mindset at Brakes

Jane Walker, Director Customer Experience, Brakes

How do you convince not only your management team but also your frontline employees of the benefits of your Customer Experience strategies and drive the engagement required to build internal advocates? Meet Jane Walker, Director of Customer Experience at Brakes, and discover what physical and digital initiatives have been created as part of Brakes’ experience improvement journey to change mindsets and perceptions of CX and to ensure it becomes part of the cultural DNA. Jane will take you on a journey of change, internal engagement, process improvement and governance, internal buy-in and, closed loop feedback training.


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Coffee Break


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Design & Understand

Activating a Customer-First Mindset to Drive Customer Success

Sara Naaktgeboren, Associate Director, Customer Success & Customer Experience, EMEA, BD

In this med-tech industry example, Sara will share how BD is working to unite customer experience initiatives across regional businesses and functions to strengthen the foundation for customer success, which ultimately impacts the advancement of patient access and care. Join Sara to learn how the diverse core team she leads is driving change across silos within a broader commercial initiative to adopt a cross-business customer journey orientation, define account engagement frameworks and expand measurement and closed-loop feedback processes at account and individual levels.


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Understand & Transform

A Data Driven Approach to Customer Experience

Phil Clarke, Retail Analytics and Reporting Manager, Primark

Phil will discuss how Primark is using analytics and data driven decisions to make the best of use of the large volume of customer experience survey feedback. Join this session to hear how the team at Primark are shaping the strategic focus areas for the Primark, in-store experience. During this session, Phil will share how Primark is successfully using customer demographic data in their stores and central teams, as well as sharing how they are able to respond to their customers at scale to improve experiences and help stores improve their visit performance for tens of millions of customers.


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Transform & Realise

Turning CX Strategy Into Award-Winning Action With Multi-Award Winner and Former CX Leader at Solus ARC

DeAnna Avis, Founder, Starfish CX (previously Solus ARC – Aviva)

Join DeAnna for this exciting session where she will be sharing her multi-award winning knowledge on how to design and implement an award winning end-to-end CX transformation and turn customer insight into a strategy and actionable customer change. Learn how to turn CX into a competency for everyone in your organisation and a movement that will light up your employees and transform your business. DeAnna will also guide you through how to centralise your brand in your CX efforts, and share the importance of why brand is the marrow that runs through your CX.


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Lunch + Meet The Partners


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Transform & Realise

Delivering a Customer-First Omnichannel Experience That Crosses the Boundary Between Online & Offline to Future Proof Your Business

Laura Sabatini, Head of B2C, EuroCar Parts

During this Session, Laura will share how EuroCarParts puts their customers first in both online and offline experience journeys. Join to learn about key considerations in order to deliver a fist in class omnichannel strategy and really understand the importance of VoC and VoE within your organisation. In addition, she will show you how to uncover which parts of your business need to be improved for the best return on investment!


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Transform & Realise

Maintaining NatWest’s ‘industrial scale’ Net Promoter System Programme

Steve Treanor, Research Operations Lead & Anton Brown, Release Train Lead Customer Insight.

Anton and Steve will discuss their experiences from the last 5 years of setting up and maintaining NatWest’s ‘industrial scale’ Net Promoter System programme, which covers Retail, Commercial and high net worth customers; and is across strategic benchmarking surveys, brand perception, and Journey/Interaction NPS. They’ll share: what they’ve learned; the factors that have brought success; the mistakes they’ve made; and what they’d have done differently if they had only known what they do now.


Session Image
Market Expertise

Enriching the Lives of Your Customers vs the "Profit Imperative"

Stanford Swinton, CEO and Founder, NPSx by Bain & Company

Despite the commitment by many companies to some form of ‘customer obsession’, the ‘Profit Imperative’ continues to dominate most decision making. But CX doesn’t have to live in the shadows of next quarters results. The best companies are creating shareholder value, delighting customers, and energising employees through a strategy of enriching customer lives. During this session, Stan will share his thought-provoking ideas on why living quarter to quarter by the profit imperative is fraught with danger, and how to create a sustainable strategy in today’s experience economy. Join this session to find out how to set the correct key metrics and financial indicators for your organisation, such as, Total Active Customers, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Referral Value, and Earned Growth.


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CX Elite Awards Powered by CX Network

Melanie Mingas, Editor in Chief, CX Network


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Closing Address

Stephan Thun, President & Managing Director EMEA, InMoment


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