Experience Improvement Terms

Customer experience can make or break your company. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro in CX, check out our definition pages to learn more about CX buzzwords and jargon.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

An index from 1 to 7 that measures how easy a company makes it for customers to deal with its products and services. A company that provides effortless service gets a 7 while a company that makes it difficult gets a 1. In other words, the higher the CES, the better.

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Customer Experience (CX)

How customers feel about their collective experiences and interactions with a company—including their overall relationship with a specific brand.

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Customer Journey Mapping

The process of creating a visual representation of the journey a customer has with a company’s brand, products, services and people. The process of creating one is called a customer journey map.

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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is believing that an organisation’s product is the best option. It’s more than a casual friendship. Loyalty means sticking around when it isn’t easy, rejecting competition and believing that the customer-company relationship transcends products and services.

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

An attempt at capturing how satisfied customers are with a company’s goods and services. A survey asks a customer to rate their satisfaction, typically on a scale from 1 to 5.

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Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

The process of collecting, analysing, and taking action on customer feedback for an enterprise-class large company. It is principally involved with the distribution and analysis of surveys.

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Market Research

Explores hidden relationships within industry data, collected by a market research firm, in order to predict and forecast future events and behaviour within the market.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A trademarked metric between -100 and 100 that captures in aggregate the propensity of a company’s customers to attract and refer new business or/and repeat business.

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Text Analytics

The methods and processes used for obtaining insights from unstructured data, turning survey text responses into quantitative data.

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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

The process of gathering vital information regarding what customers think and feel about their experiences with a business.

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Voice of the Employee (VoE)

The process of gathering and analysing employee feedback to improve the customer experience.

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