New InMoment AI-powered Technology Enhancements Announced

Q3 Product Enhancements

The key to business success is continually innovating and investing in technology that outpaces today’s busy, complicated and noisy world of consumer wants and needs. With our integrated CX approach and foundation, we integrate customer data from everywhere, use advanced AI to analyze customer data points, and identify the most pressing actions that raise the customer experience bar. 

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Product and Feature Enhancements

AI Generated Review Responding makes review responses quick and easy with generative AI-assisted responding, you can analyze sentiments, understand nuances, and generate and tailor review  responses to meet individual needs. 

A new review translation offering also helps regionally distributed organizations easily manage non-english reviews where users can see the original review and the translated version all in one place. 

Salesforce Managed Package is an additional enhancement to simplify importing of customer experience data into Salesforce to give an out-of-the box way to trigger surveys on salesforce events, view end-to-end customer journeys, and make more informed closed-loop actions.

WhatsApp Conversation Style Survey is a new feature that allows businesses to push a streamlined microsurvey through WhatsApp to provide an interactive conversation. You can deploy it via API or trigger directly through interactions in systems like Salesforce or Zendesk to meet customers where they are.

In-Platform Predictive Strategic Services gives teams expert guidance from within the platform, helping teams focus on key strategic areas that will have the biggest impact on goals and KPIs. It includes a dynamic feature that automatically simulates and ranks they opportunity areas to prioritize action.

Data Export to Branded Google Slides is an exciting new feature that provides teams with presentation-ready slides exported directly from our platform into slides and presentations and links back to relevant CX reports and dashboards. This feature facilitates more impactful discussions, data-driven decision-making, and increases engagement with the findings of your CX program.

These are just a glimpse of our product enhancements. Interested in learning more? Talk with an expert or contact your dedicated account manager. Also, in case you missed our Q2 launch highlights, check them out here.

Everything we do and every product and service we develop and innovate is aligned with our goal of helping businesses succeed by understanding their customers better. 

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