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XI Expert Take: How to Win with Experience Improvement in Your Marketplace

Many customer experience (CX) initiatives set out to answer a pivotal question: “how are we doing?” And it’s true, customer and employee feedback can give you the answer, but in order to get a holistic understanding of how your brand is delivering on experience, you also need to know how your competitors are doing. That’s where experience benchmarking comes in.

In this episode of InMoment’s “XI Expert Take” series, InMoment’s Vice President of Customer Experience Consulting and Insights Jeremy Griffiths talks you through:

  • Why benchmarking studies are so vital to your business
  • What you should consider when designing a benchmarking study
  • What pitfalls you should avoid and the keys you need for success
  • What you need to do to get started with your own benchmarking initiatives

Watch now to learn more!

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