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TRUMPF, One Of The World’s Biggest Providers Of Machine Tools, Selects InMoment to Boost Customer Centricity

LONDON [27th April 2022]—InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™, announced that TRUMPF, a global B2B machine manufacturing company, has partnered with InMoment to achieve their goal of becoming a leading customer-oriented organisation. 

To gain a competitive advantage, TRUMPF decided they needed to invest in customer experience (CX) as well as product innovation and quality. TRUMPF wanted to gain more knowledge about the “why” in their customer data and then use these insights to take action and improve services and technology offerings.

TRUMPF and InMoment developed a new customer experience initiative to gather meaningful data from their target audience and take effective action from it. The programme called NPS+ gathers more information than just a standard NPS score. A new NPS+ relationship survey was set up in parallel with an existing transaction programme and a long-term strategic customer survey, and the data from these surveys are being enriched with a variety of operational customer data points and business metrics that are fed into InMoment’s award winning XI platform to provide rich analytics and effective recommendations and workflow management for process improvements and customer issue resolution. 

“The new NPS+ programme combined with the InMoment technology allows TRUMPF to not only gain deeper intelligence into different areas of the business, but also enable employees to share actionable insights with the wider organisation and leadership. As a result TRUMPF is able to create action plans to develop positive cultural change and inspire customer centricity throughout the organisation.” commented Stephan Thun, President and Managing Director, InMoment EMEA.

TRUMPF is now able to gain insight into customer loyalty, brand image, buying behaviours and customer needs as well as identifying which customers are most likely to purchase from competitors. This gives them the insight they need to improve experiences for their customers, employees, and drive value for their business. 

“At TRUMPF, we are continuously working on enhancing our relationships with our customers and focusing on their needs and boosting our customer centricity agenda.” Added  Indrajit Rana, Head of Sales Excellence and Customer Intelligence at TRUMPF SE + Co. KG. “Due to this initiative, we now have a better understanding of the holistic experience of our customers with TRUMPF as a brand. It goes beyond transactions and defines the path to partnership.”

To read the full case study, click here.

Indrajit Rana, Head Of Sales Excellence + Customer Intelligence at TRUMPF SE + Co. KG will be speaking at the DACH XI Forum and presenting how they are creating a customer-oriented B2B organisation and proving ROI.

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