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UniCredit, One of Italy’s Largest Banks, Partners with InMoment to Focus on Improving Employee Experience

– UniCredit seeks to deliver exceptional service to its employees by analysing satisfaction with service departments and improving internal processes.

LONDON [20 October 2021]—InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, has been selected as a Employee Experience (EX) partner for international banking group, UniCredit, to deliver exceptional service to its employees.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, UniCredit is one of Italy’s largest banks and the world’s 34th largest bank with over 100 locations across the globe. UniCredit understands that a key element to their business success is employee satisfaction, and they are striving to ensure each department is delivering exceptional service to its internal customers: its employees.

Partnering with InMoment, Unicredit can understand employees needs and provide training and support to grow and develop their skills and increase employee satisfaction. 

InMoment runs UniCredit’s internal service quality survey, up to 3 times a year, to analyse satisfaction by department across all locations. From this data, UniCredit is able to analyse what needs to be done to simplify processes internally, improve effectiveness for employees and, as a result, also improve the customer experience.

The EX programme ensures consistency and clarity of performance objectives inline with the business strategy. InMoment’s reporting allows intelligence to be sorted by internal function and delivers reliable data to the appropriate stakeholder. Unicredit uses the insight analysis to identify best performing departments within the organisation and provide constructive feedback and improvement recommendations to others.

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