How Do You Compare to CX Leaders in Your Industry?

Most brands have learnt to counteract the impacts of covid and have started to address the financial restrictions many consumers are facing today. But how have these changes impacted NPS performance?

We were curious! That’s why NPSx by Bain and Company and InMoment asked over 32,000 consumers their perception of experiences delivered by various brands across multiple industries. We found that UK brands have an average NPS of +12, ranging from +35 for Automotive to -18 for Water Services.

Listen to Paul Smith, Marketing Director at NPSx, and Charlie West, Senior Insights Specialist at InMoment as they share their findings of our joint CX Trends Study and discover:
– Which brands perform well and which lag behind and the reasons why
– The key NPS drivers
– How you can apply the strategies of the top performers to improve your NPS

To download the full study follow this link.

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