Executive Summary

What Can be Found in The Report:

This study provides a raw, customer-driven perspective on how well certain brands are performing. It underscores the importance of sticking to your value proposition and striving to deliver the best for your customers. We will give you insights into the leaders and the laggards across the UK consumer brands – outlining who is winning and why, as well as who is playing catch up and what they can do to focus and grow their efforts.

Why You Should Read the Report

Part of the report will cover cross-industry tips and inspiration to encourage a broader perspective and foster innovation. Quite often, brands tend to look quite rigorously at their own industry, by understanding the performance changes in various industries and the drivers of NPS, you can adapt your strategies to meet evolving customer needs and expectations.

CX Goals

Among the key findings of the study:

  • Banks and airlines have the widest range of customer loyalty scores.
  • Technology is the largest contributor to innovation for many UK industries.
  • Across all industries only a handful of large UK brands (~top10%) in Auto, Media and Financial Services have made it into the ‘over +40’s’ range on NPS.
  • On Average, UK Industries have an average NPS of +12, ranging from +35 for Automotive to -18 for Water Services.
  • Product Quality and Innovation are the most important driver of loyalty, followed by Value and Ease of getting help.

Industries covered in the report include: Telco, Media, Social Media, Retail, Market Place, Grocery, Financial services, Insurance, Airlines, Hotels, Automotive, Restaurant/Café, Energy & Water.

Interested in How you Can Evolve Your Experience Programme and Leverage the key NPS Drivers in Your Industry?

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