The Paradigm Shift


Designing the Customer Experience

Pharmaceutical companies have always been very much product focused organisations, where the driver of success is seen as the effectiveness of their products treating various target indications. Of course prescription rates and customer engagement remain critically important, however, we are seeing a shift recognising that practitioner, payer and patient preferences can be influenced by the end to end customer experience. That is to say creating seamless customer journeys across all touchpoints and channels.

Meet and exceed HCP Expectations with InMoment

Healthcare practitioners are faced with an increasing wealth of product information and marketing communications while at the same time being ever more time-constrained. Therefore understanding practitioner needs and providing the right support at the time and in the way that they need it will not only make your offerings more relevant to your customers but can result in better patient adherence. Therefore, a focus on managing and improving customer experience will lead to overall improved brand loyalty and higher engagement from prescribers.

Supporting You Along Your Journey

Be Customer-Centered, from Start to Finish

Start with Journey Mapping

Reduce Employee Turnover and Increase Retention

Gain Market Insights Beyond CX

InMoment’s Strategic Research Team are long-standing experts in the pharmaceutical industry and can support your marketing teams in gaining market insights through one-off market research studies all along your product lifecycle – both qualitative and quantitative. Our solutions focus on the needs of:

Consultant Practioners
General Practioners
Brand Managers
Product Owners
Health Insurance

63% of providers believe they are delivering good experiences. Only 40% of patients agree.

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