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From real-time insights discovery to individual customer recovery, turn your unstructured feedback into a predictable source of business growth.

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Structured feedback and scores can be great indicators for performance, but the game-changing insights are those hidden in your unstructured feedback. Many brands still spend hours analysing data word by word when they should be using that time to make more informed business decisions to ultimately drive change. Let InMoment AI do the heavy lifting on analysis, so you can spend time lifting your results.

Collect input without triggering survey fatigue

Encourage richer feedback

Understand sentiment associated with the experience journey

Identify emotions, intent, or effort signals to respond proactively

Uncover new trends and themes with AI-driven insights

Take the right action at the right time

Analyse key drivers and predict the impact of initiatives

I’ve analysed qualitative feedback in the past without InMoment’s machine learning technology and it took hours. InMoment can do the same for me in zero seconds.”

– Customer Experience Manager, Product Team, Trivago

Intent, Effort, and Emotion

Predict Business Results

Uncover the true meaning behind customer feedback and anticipate their next move! Our AI automatically detects the intentions, effort, and emotions behind every message you receive. We can tell you if customers intend to Buy, Quit, Recommend, or even Discourage your business. Plus, we’ll provide you with key insights on how much effort is required and what emotions are at play—Anger, Fear, Happiness, Trust, and more. With this powerful knowledge, you can swiftly close the feedback loop!

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Active Listening

Intelligent Conversations for More Valuable Responses

Without encouragement, qualitative feedback can be incomplete. Active Listening™ is the only conversational bot that uses real-time text analytics to listen, understand, and respond—eliciting more valuable responses with more actionable data points.

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Survey Fatigue

Keep Your Feedback Fresh

Automatically request audience input across channels at just the right time and sequence. Our eligibility engine helps avoid survey fatigue while keeping your flow of feedback constant and up-to-date, ensuring you always have a good sense of how people feel.

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Quick Start

Out-of-the-box Insights

We’ve got the perfect balance of speed and accuracy. With pre-configured industry, use-case, and native language packs in Lexalytics Semantria NLP engine, we’ll automatically detect topics, themes, and entities for immediate insights into what matters most.

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Impact Prediction

Understand What’s Driving Your Key Metric

Analyse the impact of key driver questions on your top metric and understand how action plans will affect experience scores such as NPS, CSAT, and CES, so you can make informed decisions to align your organisation around the customer experience.

Smart Summaries

Turn Complex Analysis into Focused Action

InMoment Smart Summary Generator uses Open.AI’s GPT technologies to securely and intelligently transform hundreds of pieces of individual and discrete feedback into easily consumable short, structured paragraphs to surface the most important topics and trends to help organisations take immediate action on their customer feedback.


Take Control Over Your Insights

Create your own tags to deep dive into your unstructured data and take immediate action on your findings— share comments with others, mark feedback complete or invalid, and create actionable segments to close the loop at scale.

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Sentiment Identification

Identify Your Customers Nuisances Versus Major Issues

Understand the difference between a minor nuisance and a major issue with multi-layered sentiment identification on both individual items and the entire document so you know exactly where to take action.

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Power of AI

Know What You Don’t Know

Our text analytics uses AI-driven discovery with machine learning to improve accuracy over time, boosting your ability to correctly determine new topics, terms, competitors, products, and phrases as they enter the customer vocabulary. It’s time to never miss a trend.

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Act Immediately

Automate Action at Scale

Close the loop with individual customers or create segments for automated actions at scale. Whether sending recovery emails to “frustrated” customers, or giving kudos to employees. Take the right action at the right time.

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See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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