Conversational analytics

Integrated Insights Elevate Customer and Agent Experiences

See how you can get better results from your conversational data

Resolve Customer Issues Faster

Improve Agent Performance and Retention

Reduce Cost to Serve and Handle Time

Earn Higher Share of Wallet

Demonstrate Return on Customer Service Investment

InMoment for Conversational Intelligence

Combine feedback from every channel including contact centre calls and chats, social, surveys, customer interactions, agent performance, operational metrics, and other data of all types and sources in one place. Leverage data-driven insights from across your business to enhance customer experiences, optimise operational efficiency, and guide business growth.

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Go Beyond the Post-Call Survey

Harness the benefits of integrated signal capture, which encompasses call transcripts, chat logs, IVR data, agent case notes, and survey responses.


Surface and Track Emerging Issues

Award-winning AI informs teams about emerging themes, topics, and quality assurance enabling them to address them proactively across channels.


Predict Impact of Issue Resolution

By combining advanced analysis tools and expert guidance, prioritise actions and anticipate the business impact of improvement initiatives.


Empower Agents and Customers In-Channel

Proactively assist customers in their preferred channels to enhance their satisfaction and decrease contact centre workload.

Deliver a consistent and human customer experience through:

Combine mountains of contact centre interactions with other channels for a full VOC picture

Understand agent and team performance, strengths and areas for improvement

Surface the insights in threaded conversations between agent and customer

Unlock your unstructured data and detect feedback themes and anomalies

Turn hours of audio into text to access the power of AI and text analytics

Identify knowledge gaps and opportunities to implement training systems

Receive expert guidance and reporting on key business questions and drivers

Explore key factors and opportunities that influence your metrics the most

Case Study

Foot Locker breaks down data silos

  • Automated categorisation for streamlined data organisation and better insights.
  • Unified view of feedback data from different sources, simplifying analysis and understanding customer sentiment.
  • Enhanced data quality by eliminating unusable or inaccessible information.
  • Transparency and configurability for better understanding and quick system adaptation.

As a result of its dedication to customers, and through breaking down data silos, Foot Locker remains No. 4 on Forbes’ most engaged companies list, and enjoys an OSAT score of 84.4%—up six points since September 2018.

InMoment’s AI technologies have helped the team better identify root cause and issues by unlocking the power of call and chat transcripts to see what customers are saying in their unsolicited feedback. The increased understanding leads to more call deflection and process improvement to reduce the number of calls to the customer support team.”

– Tyler Saxey, Director Customer Experience, Foot Locker

Holistic analytics

Stronger Contact Centre Signals from More Sources

Access rich insights in millions of contact centre conversations to drive improvement.

  • Determine needs by combining siloed channels (call, chat, social, etc…)
  • Apply cutting-edge sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP) 
  • Detect customer signals from every touch point accurately
Higher accuracy

Customised AI Industry Models

  • Specialised text analytics models to handle conversational complexities including Emotion, Effort, and Intent
  • Link CX insights to agent performance, call stage, and customer issues.
  • Combined AI and ML-powered contact centre and customer-specific industry models.
Focus on what matters

Hierarchical, Targeted Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting across organisational levels: regions, contact centres, managers’ teams, and agents.
  • Understand daily performance, historical trends, and comparisons.
  • Visibility into overall centre performance and agent breakdowns.
Clarity of purpose

High-Impact Strategic Guidance

  • Award-winning customer experience software and expert advice
  • Know where to focus with the highest return
  • Analyse business drivers, customer rankings, and future projections for action.
Easy ROI

Increased Efficiency and Transparent Pricing

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Integrated platform combining technology and services.
  • Establish a direct link to financial outcomes.
  • Actionable metrics.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

Estimated ROI (payback period in months)

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