Know Your New Customer


Serving your customer requires you to understand them

The retail landscape has evolved faster than anyone could have imagined, forcing brands to rethink how to serve their customers. Even more, increased focus on online commerce, shipping delays, and even trade tariffs make providing personalised, consistent experiences for every customer more important than ever. But with so many possible journeys, how do you know who & where customers are and what they need from their experiences?

Provide Stand-Out Experiences For Your Evolving Customer with InMoment

We know that the modern shopper is not only flooded with choices, but is more knowledgeable than ever before. That’s why our technology and services help you make experience your key differentiator, enabling you to tailor experiences with in-depth customer understanding, so you can drive acquisition, retention, and spend.

Create Curated Experiences for Key Customers

Move the Needle on Brand Perception

Turn Negative Experiences Into Positive Ones

Optimise Employee Coaching and Training

“InMoment’s analytics prowess and collaborative approach enables us to tap into the wisdom of our customers to create a win-win-win experience…With effective, engaged employees and loyal customers, our business wins in the form of real bottom line success.”

John Wompey, VP of Operations, Foot Locker

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