Data Management

Conquer your most demanding data management needs.

Effectively process data for quick, accurate, and comprehensive understanding.

We load more than 50 hierarchies a day–without pulling in IT. Think how much time we save.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement

Data Cleansing

Ingest Data Without IT

Gone are the days of manually prepping data for upload. Send a sample file as-is and Workflow™ will automatically clean and process it for ingestion into the platform.

Remove Data Silos

Get to the Why

Context is vital to understand the why behind your scores. Workflow enables you to easily gather, analyze, and visualize data from across your organization to break down silos and get the full picture.

Hierarchy Updates

Easily Change Organizational Structures

Your organization is constantly evolving, and access to experience data must change with it. Workflow automatically adjusts users, roles, and permissions as your hierarchies change.

Customer Story

Benchmarking Insights Made Easy

Using Workflow, a leading automaker ingests social data from its main competitors. Workflow automatically cleanses the data and pairs it with specific dealerships, giving the company a quick and accurate view into its top competitors by location.

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Create an Experience Improvement Rule Book

Putting an experience strategy in place is a great first step, but without the proper alignment, expectations, and processes in place, impact will be limited. From executive oversight to standardized processes to frontline coaching, our Experience Governance Playbook gives structure to your program by helping everyone understand their specific role in experience delivery.

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If your customer experience strategy is your game plan, then the governance discipline supplies your referees and your rule book.”

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