Experiences Shape the World

We saw the need for a different approach, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That is why We are InMoment.

We believe experiences shape the world we live in. Experiences are a culmination of moments filled with emotions, judgments, learnings, and much, much more. Therefore, every moment presents an opportunity to make a positive impact; to leave a mark. With good data, the right technology and human expertise, businesses today can solve hard problems and change the world for the better. Our goal is to deliver technology and use our years of expertise to unlock a comprehensive understanding of not only the actions people are taking, but also the emotion driving what they do and why.

Our Mission

Experience Improvement

Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together.

At the heart of what we do is the desire to connect our clients with what matters most through a unique combination of data, technology, and human expertise.

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Global company with offices in seven countries

1,700+ employees worldwide

2,000+ of the world’s leading brands

1B experiences collected & enriched each day

Our Values

Three simple principles guide what we do and how we do it. It doesn’t matter what department, office, or country we’re in, we play by these same rules.


We believe in a human-centric approach to business, technology, and experiences. It is our connection with each other that makes us stand out.


We believe in moving forward fearlessly, speaking up for what we believe, and challenging the status quo. We are adventurous and innovative in our constant pursuit of excellence.


We are invested in the success of our clients and committed to going above and beyond to help them achieve their objectives. We are committed to our clients because their success is our success.

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Our Leadership


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InMoment is that rare breed of technology company—fast-growing, innovative, profitable and fun. Check out our open positions—you might be a good fit!

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Your life is made up of a series of moments that matter.

John Lewis, CEO InMoment

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