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When you pick up your smartphone to accomplish a task—whether it’s checking your bank account balance or ordering dinner for your family—you simply pull up the right app. It’s simple, intuitive, and familiar.

We built the XI Platform to work just like your app drawer. Streamlined, mobile-optimised applications crafted with your tasks in mind. Purpose-built to help you get your job done.

Multimedia Feedback

How You Listen Matters

When it comes to communicating experiences, images, videos, and voice recordings are emerging as the preferred medium for a growing demographic. Hearing the stories, and seeing facial expressions and body language, adds a depth of understanding and emotion that supplements traditional text feedback and reviews.

Active Listening

Not Interrogations

Traditional feedback methods tend to feel like one-sided interrogations. Active Listening—InMoment’s patented AI-powered feedback bot—encourages rich conversations by listening and responding to customers in real time, eliciting not only more, but more valuable responses. This additional detail is the difference between knowing that an experience was great and knowing exactly why it was great and how to replicate it.

Social Monitoring

Capture Every Customer Story

The social sphere is a big place and tuning into the corners where customers share their most meaningful stories isn’t always easy. InMoment helps you tap into popular online review and social sites and embeds these stories alongside additional experience data, ensuring you have the full spectrum of the customers’ voice built into your business decisions.

Digital Experience

It’s a Digital World

Optimising digital journeys is more important than ever, but there’s a delicate balance between assisting customers in real time and disrupting the experience. Our Digital solutions help you engage consumers or employees on your website, intranet, and in-app to improve experiences at all stages of the journey.

Mobile Experience

Speaking of Mobile…

An astounding 80% of smartphone users have made a purchase using their mobile device in the last six months; however, an alarming 84% of them have experienced difficulties completing a transaction! InMoment’s Mobile Survey SDK allows for personal and proactive engagement to ensure that when a customer wants to do business with you, the transaction goes through.


You’re in Complete Control

Want to take the reins? Design, create, and deploy smart and effective surveys—either as part of your core programs or ad-hoc research queries—for broad or specific audiences. Managed service, do-it-yourself, or somewhere in between, we have a solution for every customer, employee, and market experience team.


Always-On Analyst

The XI Platform constantly combs through your data to detect and alert on patterns, trends, and anomalies as they occur—and the anticipated impact of inaction. Every alert provides an opportunity to replicate the good—or troubleshoot the bad before it turns into a brand crisis.

Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting for Every Role

What typically requires manual intervention is automated within XI: quick and seamless analysis, root cause identification, and automated recommendations for issue resolution and experience improvement. Create, schedule, and share easily digestible reports and dashboards with dynamic live data sets. Choose from a library of common templates or go fully custom—in XI, there’s a report for every role.

Data Exploration

Instant Access to Answers

Businesses are changing faster and more drastically than ever. Whether you’re piloting new ways to serve your customers or warding off industry disruptors (or are one yourself), you need to understand how changes are impacting your customers—in real time. Sift through mountains of experience data already at your fingertips (including web and voice feedback, social comments and reviews, and photos and videos) to answer emerging questions and inform timely and relevant decisions.

Case Management

Negative Experiences Happen

When things don’t go as planned, it’s an opportunity to turn a potential detractor into a loyal brand advocate. With real-time alerts via push notifications, text messages, and email, you’re empowered to effectively manage, assign, track, prioritise, and remedy individual incidents and widespread occurrences. Plus, incorporating the voice of your employees offers a unique perspective on customer concerns—and how to resolve them.


Focus on What Matters

Basic action planning tools use simple calculations to move metrics—but moving metrics doesn’t necessarily move the needle. Using predictive analytics on both structured and unstructured data, the XI Platform identifies emerging service trends and creates dynamic, proactive plans tied to brand-specific operating procedures and revenue-generating activities.

A/B Testing

Measure the Impact of Change

Changes, whether big or small, can have unexpected effects on experience. From product launches to new servicing motions, A/B testing visualises the real-time impact of new initiatives on the outcomes you care most about. Monitor multiple initiatives and compare time periods, regions, or specific locations so you know what’s working—and what needs to go back to the drawing board.

Data Socialisation

Never Miss a Moment

Having an experience program is one thing. Building a meaningful experience culture and internal advocates is another. Visualise, socialise, and celebrate exceptional experiences—and the people and teams who make them possible.

Data Analysis

Big Data at Your Fingertips

Having the right data—and being able to make sense of it—can both cut costs and create opportunities to increase revenue. However, this intelligence is often hidden deep within your data, and powerful analytic solutions typically require astronomical upfront investments and specialised in-house expertise. Enable your power users to comb through large amounts of experience and operational data to identify opportunities to increase profitability across departments.

Executive Dashboards

Bringing Experience to the C-Suite

Ask 100 CEOs for their business philosophy, and you may get 100 different responses. But ask them which metrics matter most to a company’s success, and you’re likely to get a much more targeted response. Executive dashboards offer a fully customisable way to display this data and reveal insights most relevant to company leaders. From understanding conversion by channel to identifying revenue at risk, display and consume all of the information you need in a matter of seconds—so you can take action just as quickly.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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