Experience Improvement for All



Experience improvement initiatives touch every part of your business, which is why we built the XI Platform to fit seamlessly into your current tech stack. With over 300 out-of-the-box integrations—and the ability to implement custom workflows with ease—we make it simple to bring improvement into the applications your teams use every single day.

Improve Relationships

Turn Your CRM into a CRI

Why manage customer relationships when you could improve them? Whether you’re using Salesforce, Zendesk, or another CRM or ticketing system, incorporating experience data enables you to automate feedback collection, manage cases, and implement improvement initiatives without skipping a beat.

Democratise Data

Experience Data Shouldn’t Live in Silos

Making experience intelligence part of the daily workflow—not a metric reserved for the boardroom or an initiative embraced only by frontline staff—improves engagement and changes the culture across all departments. Integrations with communications tools—such as Slack—allow you to analyse and route customer feedback to relevant channels, teams, and stakeholders in real time. This means trending issues can be identified and remedied within minutes, as opposed to hours or days.

Social listening

Where You Listen Matters

As survey fatigue sets in, more than ever, brands need to turn to unsolicited sources of customer, employee, and market feedback to garner insights. Enter third-party data. Social Listening taps into popular online review and social sites where customers and employees tell meaningful experience stories about their favorite brands. We embed these social stories alongside other experience data, and can alert and report on third-party data for a broader view of how customers and employees feel about your brand.

flexible HRIS integrations

Don’t Miss Out on Any Employee Experience

These days, you can’t improve the customer experience without considering the employees’ perspective and experience as well. With flexible HRIS integrations, we append non-experience data such as payroll and benefits to employee feedback—producing advanced linkage analysis. Get a granular understanding of the employee experience, all in one place, so your HR and business leaders will have the insight and context needed to make informed personnel decisions.

Custom integrations

Yes, That’s In Scope

Traditional hand-wired API integrations are built for typical use cases; however, use cases are hardly ever typical. With strict and static integrations, customised requests are considered “out of scope” and require significant time, costs, and support. Our iPaaS (integrations Platform as a Service) allows us to quickly scale, meaning shorter implementation timelines, lower costs, and more flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

Organisations lose 21.3% of productivity per year due to application silos.


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