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Customer Experience Surveys for Zendesk


2-way Integration! Trigger customisable surveys and see responses in Zendesk.

Follow-up improves when support teams have Voice of the Customer data at their fingertips.

Monitor & improve the support experience with CSAT, CES & NPS surveys.

  • Send customised surveys upon ticket closure. For example, include agent name in the survey question.
  • Customisable triggers. You decide what groups get surveyed and when based on data in Zendesk.
  • Ask for detailed feedback
  • Personalise the survey thank you page by score.
  • CSAT survey responses flow back into ticket records in Zendesk.

See CSAT survey responses in Zendesk and take action

  • CSAT responses are visible on the Zendesk ticket record and in Wootric in real-time.
  • Notifications and workflows make it easy to follow up with customers right away.
  • Follow up with detractors to learn more, or invite happy customers to your referral program.
  • Win back at-risk customers before it is too late.

Understand how to improve the support experience.

  • Identify opportunities by agent or any business driver.
  • Surface themes and sentiment from customer comments using machine learning.
  • Customisable dashboard and reporting so you can get the answers you need.
  • See scores, feedback, themes, sentiment, and trends in real-time.

Analyse all of your customer support metrics

  • Net Promoter, CSAT, and Customer Effort Score dashboards.
  • Never miss a trend – automatically receive a continuous pulse of customer sentiment.
  • View your rolling average metrics over time. Segment by region, account or agent.

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