Growing Customer Listening and Understanding to Inspire Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Joy

Prior to partnering with InMoment, Tiffany’s listening program relied on delivered scores and structured data. Though it collected valuable unstructured data, gaining actionable intelligence was a time consuming, manual process. With InMoment’s industry-leading data, technology, and strategic services, the brand was able to unlock their unstructured data and keep their 200-year-old promise of “above and beyond” service.

  • De-siloed CX data and made feedback visible to the entire company
  • Wealth of valuable, relevant intelligence & data now sent to VP’s and managers weekly
  • Voice of employee program gives a new perspective on the customer experience from the people who interact with guests the most

Change Region

North America
United States/Canada (English)
Dach (Deutsch) United Kingdom (English)
Asia Pacific
Australia (English) New Zealand (English) Asia (English)