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InMoment Announces Appointment of Mehul Nagrani as General Manager, AI Product & Technology

  • Adds leadership and investment to this critical capability for future of feedback
  • Brings to market a unique set of automations that builds upon vast data assets, distinctive technology and human expertise

Singapore (October 21, 2021) — InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, announced today it has appointed Mehul Nagrani as General Manager, AI Product & Technology. Mehul brings extensive experience in leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) products and technology that operationalise experience data to drive better business decisioning.

In today’s environment, the world’s leading brands are expanding and modernising their interactions with customers at a rapid pace. CX professionals are feeling the brunt of this change as their budgets and resources have not kept pace. NLP, ML, and AI can and should be leveraged to help bridge that gap.

Experience data is prolific in its forms and complexities and leveraging the vast amount of structured and unstructured data to better understand customer, employee, and market demands is more critical than ever. Even more importantly, utilising this wealth of data to deliver intelligence and inform action through automation accelerates and improves business performance.

“Experiences are changing every day, and expectations are dynamic. Our vision of AI is to offer faster progress and improved decision making by automating tasks that can easily be facilitated through technology. We are tuning our approach to the tasks of CX professionals to give them more scale,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO of InMoment. “Mehul joins InMoment at a significant time of growth and investment for our company. When we introduced the idea of experience improvement last September and challenged our industry to do more, we did so with the knowledge that acting on data is paramount. Action can and should be informed by experience data and automated where possible.”

Mehul’s appointment follows the recently announced acquisition of Lexalytics, the leading provider of cloud and on-premise natural language processing and machine learning. The Lexalytics technology team will report to Mehul, and he will report to Andrew Joiner, InMoment CEO.

Mehul was most recently the founder and CEO of Fokal AI, an AI automation company and platform for ML applications. Prior to Fokal, Mehul served as the EVP and General Manager, Digital for Univision Communications where he transformed the division including its technology stack, personnel, products and overall financial performance. He was an engagement manager for McKinsey & Company, and an IC design engineer for Micron and Intel.

Mehul Nagrani stated “InMoment has consistently been recognised not only for its future-proof vision but also its ability to execute on that vision. I was drawn to InMoment largely because of its comprehensive vision, innovative approach and caliber of talent. While already an industry-leader, accelerating the advancement of AI-based technology that leverages all types and forms of data, will help InMoment and our customers better deliver on the promise of experience improvement.  I look forward to working with the combined InMoment and Lexalytics teams to accelerate this progress.” 

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