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Leading Manufacturer KARL STORZ Endoscopy Uses CX to Reduce Medical Device Repair Time In SE Asia

SINGAPORE (5 May 2022) — InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Improvement™(XI), announced its client KARL STORZ Endoscopy (KSE) has used the InMoment Platform and its CX insights to reduce repair time of its medical devices by 16 per cent. 

Business improvements at-a-glance

  • Customer feedback led to business insights within 6 months of program launch
  • Repair time on medical devices expected to reduce by 16 per cent in Taiwan
  • Feedback collected across seven countries, five languages, and 500+ hospitals

KSE teamed up with InMoment in 2021. A CX program was designed with the goal of making sure customers (doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals) are satisfied across seven countries across Asia, five languages, and 500 hospitals—especially when it comes to high quality, and urgent medical device repairs.

Initial feedback was showing that repairs were taking too long—an average of six to nine months in total—and this was negatively impacting the customer experience. Because there are so many moving parts to a repair (diagnostics, global shipping, local distribution, hospital repair budgets), the regional KS team needed to creatively think about which parts of the repair process could be tightened up quickly. 

Customer insights showed that most Taiwanese hospitals started their repair approval processes only when they received the official repair assessment from KARL STORZ Germany—a process that could take up to 3 months. The hospital repair approval process can take up to three months longer, which adds on to the delay in repair times. To solve this, the regional KS team empowered the Taiwan distributor to provide their repair assessment, and supported this with an additional Declaration Form. This gave customers the confidence that the local repair assessment is as accurate as the official repair assessment, which meant the hospitals were able to trigger their repair approval processes much earlier. 

The result? Repair time is expected to reduce by at least 16 per cent! 

“KSEAM has a long history of delivering critical medical solutions and knows the importance of being customer centric,” said David Blakers, InMoment’s Managing Director of APAC. “They are taking active steps to pioneer the most progressive customer listening and engagement strategies possible, to embed an insights-to-action capability across the business.”

Driving exceptional customer experiences has always been important to the regional KARL STORZ team, but the manufacturer knew the next step in improving experiences was to directly connect with customers, giving them a stronger voice and ability to impact the company’s direction. The cost, complexity, and real human impact of what the business sells means the company’s clients need a “white glove” level of service—from inquiry to installation and beyond.


KARL STORZ (KS) Endoscopy, has been a leading provider of reusable products for endoscopy and related medical technologies for over 75 years. Early last year, the regional marketing team at KARL STORZ Singapore teamed up with InMoment to launch an innovative and ambitious experience improvement program. 

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