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NPS, CSAT & CES Microsurveys

Measure, analyze and act on CX feedback across the entire customer journey

Survey your customers at the right time, wherever they are.

Ask the right question in the right channel for contextual feedback.
Explore our high response microsurveys below.


Net Promoter Score

How likely are you to recommend this product or service?

  • Measure customer loyalty
  • Reduce churn
  • Activate promoters
  • Growth predictor
  • Brand relationship metric

Drive retention and growth with NPS.

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Satisfaction Score

How satisfied are you with this product or service?

  • CSAT: Measure customer satisfaction with a recent interaction–often a purchase or a support case.
  • PSAT: Measure product or feature satisfaction to optimize software applications.

Improve products and services. Measure satisfaction.

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Customer Effort Score

How easy was it to complete this task or action?

  • Measure ease of support interactions, onboarding, order completion, training.
  • Use results to reduce customer effort, the most relevant attribute of satisfaction.

Reduce friction. Measure effort.

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Wait! What are NPS, CSAT and CES surveys exactly?

Multi-Channel. Multi-Language. Global.

As global as your customers. Easily customize surveys in multiple languages. Protect against survey fatigue. Use across channels and devices without risk of duplicate sampling: web, mobile, email and SMS.

Instant Analytics

  • View your rolling average NPS, CSAT and CES, response counts and more.
  • Never miss a trend – automatically receive a continuous pulse of customer sentiment.
  • Survey a sample of your customers everyday with our trusted settings. Or, survey customers using parameters you define.

Diagnose CX metrics by your business drivers

Create custom filters to suit your business model and goals. See how NPS or other metrics vary by account, product version, or any user property you define.


  • Websites & E-commerce: Understand sentiment by geography, platform or purchase size.
  • Product Teams: Get immediate feedback on product changes, accelerate product led growth.
  • SaaS: Monitor customer health and retain more customers.

Closed-loop feedback management

  • Email notifications route feedback to the right team based on score.
  • Reach out to customers or forward feedback from the dashboard.
  • Or, use integrations to trigger responses in your CRM or support platform.

Identify feedback themes

Create unlimited custom tags that match the words you define, or let machine learning tell you what your customers are talking about and how they feel. As responses come in, auto-categorizing feedback helps you surfaces issues, prioritize product improvements, or identify who should follow up.

Activate brand advocates in the moment

Did someone just give you a nice score? Use an optional final screen to ask your happy customers to write a review. Or, invite them to join a referral program.

Take Action with Integrations

Enrich your CRM data with metrics and feedback for better customer intelligence. Trigger surveys based on events, or other customer attributes. Use workflows to close the loop with customers.


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