Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Design With The End in Mind
Lesson 2: Create Strategic Listening Posts
Lesson 3: Make Sense of Your Data
Lesson 4: Build a Culture of Taking Action
Lesson 5: Show The Value of Your Programme
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Your Experience Framework in 5 Simple Steps

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Welcome to your Experience Framework Training!

In this training series our experts will share best practices on how to design your CX programme so you can listen to your customers during the moments that matter, understand what they are saying, then take these insights to transform your business and realise the value and ROI in doing so.
At the end of the self-managed course we will put your learning to the test for the chance to be CX Certified by InMoment!

Lesson #1

Design With The End in Mind

To Kick off, the first lesson is all about Design!

Whether you are taking on an experience programme for the first time, or redesigning an existing one, this is the most fundamental step. For a lasting impact, take the time to outline your CX vision, align it with your corporate objectives, and create a tactical strategy for how your experience programme will ladder up to expectations.

In this video, our experience expert Andrew Park, VP of Strategy and Enablement, explains how to clearly define an experience strategy that aligns with your business goals and brand promises, forming the foundation for a programme design that is purpose-built to support those goals. Watch this short training video to learn how you can apply these best practices to design with the end in mind.

Here is further reading on best practices to consider when designing your feedback programme:

Lesson #2

Create Strategic Listening Posts

In this section you will learn all about “Listening”.

Active listening means that you are gaining real-time insights into the moments that matter the most to your customers and employees. Once you have determined what you are trying to achieve and what success looks like for your brand, it’s time to start listening to your customers in the moments that matter the most.

Along a typical customer journey there are endless touchpoints—but it’s up to you to identify and prioritise the high impact and high emotion moments to connect to your valued customers from end to end. Also ensure customer listening is ingrained widely in your organisation.
Hear from our experience expert Derek Eccleston, CX Consultant Director, on how you can thoughtfully deploy modern listening strategies and data integrations to expand and enhance holistic understanding.

Here is further reading on implementing meaningful listening:

Lesson #3

Make Sense of Your Data

Now you know all about the first two phases of the Experience Success Framework “Design” and “Listening”. But how do you transform all the data into meaningful actions?

When you’ve listened to customers and collected their feedback, making sense of the data is a natural next step.
You’ll need a complete view of customer data to be able to make informed business decisions, and decide which initiatives will actually move the needle. Metrics from CX surveys are only part of the whole. Depth in understanding that can drive true transformation is built from a range of inputs.

In this lesson, hear from our experience expert Ben Daubney, Strategic Insights Director, on how you can centralise data streams, combining relevant customer and operational data, and as a second step leverage advanced analytics and behavioural science experts to identify where and how to act—and the anticipated impact.

Here is further reading on how you can gain understanding of your experience data:

Lesson #4

Build a Culture of Taking Action

Once brands truly understand their customers and thus opportunities to improve themselves, transformation is the next step. Transformation means taking action, operationalising feedback, creating a customer-centric culture, and taking action on improvement opportunities.
Transformation means taking action, and taking action doesn’t happen overnight. Learn how to work smarter, not harder, to transform your experience programme.

Watch this short video where our experience expert Tracey Pankhurst, Insights Director, shares best practices on how you can create and implement dynamic actions plans, implement employee training, and policies that facilitate organisational change and promote revenue-generating activities.

Here is further reading on how you can achieve transformational success:

Lesson #5

Show The Value of Your Programme

When you designed your experience programme, you defined what your success looks like. Whether focussing on customer retention, lowering your cost to serve, attracting new customers, or something else, you will likely be accountable for showing the value of the programme. We get it—businesses want to prove that customer experience is actually bringing in a return on investment. Realisation of these benefits is the final piece of the puzzle in the transformation framework.

In this video, our experience expert Jim Katzman, Distinguished CX Practitioner, explains how you can evaluate and demonstrate results of experience initiatives including organisational change, improved metrics, and financial impact while determining appropriate next steps.

Here some further reading to provide further details on how to realise the value of your experience programme:

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We hope you have enjoyed our training series and learnt new ideas and best practices on how you can take your experience programme to the next level using the experience success framework.

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Good Luck!

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