Case Study

Aegon – Closing the feedback loop with real time NPS measures

In today’s changing regulatory, economic and digital landscape it has become ever crucial to fully understand and meet the demands of one’s consumers across all touchpoints. Aegon, an international provider of life assurance, pensions and asset management, realised this and came to the conclusion that simply analysing NPS scores multiple times a year did not suffice to serve customers with the best possible insight. For this to be achieved, real-time feedback was required, which translated customer opinions into practical actions, guiding Aegon to make decisions on growth, product development and the improvement of everyday touchpoints.

Learn how InMoment helped Aegon to refine its NPS and feedback approach, enabling the company to capture, measure and consolidate customer feedback in one centralised platform and providing them with a holistic view of their customers.

Download the case study to discover how Aegon managed to become a customer-centric company and turned around their NPS score of -87 to an impressive +14.


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