Case Management

Empower organisational change.

A closed-loop system infused with intelligent alerts, text analytics, and prescriptive recommended actions for high-risk to high-potential customers.

We’ve responded to nearly 9,000 customer concerns, and realised almost $9 million in new revenue. In under six months, the programme paid for itself many times over.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement


Negative Experiences Happen

When things don’t go to plan, there’s a wonderful opportunity for improvement. Utilising the most accurate text analytics in the market, you’ll not only be able to identify the next best action for an individual customer or employee, but address the root cause to ensure continuous improvement.

Automated Actions

In-the-Moment Experience Improvement

With real-time, intelligent alerts via push notifications, SMS, and email, you’re empowered to effectively manage, assign, track, prioritize and remedy individual incidents and widespread occurrences within the XI platform or your CRM of choice.

Voice of Employee

Your Most Valuable Asset

Incorporating the voice of your employees offers a unique perspective on customer concerns—and how to resolve them.

Customer Story

Outer Loop Cost Savings

In a single year after partnering with InMoment, Virgin Money reduced complaint volume by 26% in key areas, generating approximately $170,000 in annual savings.

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Predictive Analytics

Your Own Personal Crystal Ball

If you’re making all of your decisions based on lagging indicators, you’ll always be a step behind. Predictive analytics give you a crystal ball into which locations are likely to miss sales goals, which customers are positioned to churn, and which segments are ripe for growth. From forecasting, to customer churn, to employee attrition, by constantly analysing patterns in diverse data sources, you’re able to make proactive rescues and take advantage of emerging opportunities before it’s too late.

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