Reporting Studio

Actionable intelligence for every role.

Create, schedule, and share easily digestible reports and dashboards with dynamic live data sets.

Personalised reporting allows us to fully empower our employees to improve their interactions with customers, while giving our executive team the strategic insights needed to successfully steer our business and build stronger customer relationships.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement

Front-Line Reporting

Take Immediate Action in the Field

Don’t overwhelm front-line employees with generic recommendations. Arm them with intelligence so they know exactly how, where, and when to act.

Pro Reporting

Accelerate the Time from Insights to Action

Get automated, complex reports on any data ingested into the InMoment platform. The flexibility means you can slice and dice your data like never before, leading to insights you never knew existed. With XI, you’ll easily be able to identify new opportunities for acquisition, growth, and efficiency across your business.

Executive Reporting

Bring Experience to the C-Suite

Executive Reporting offers a fully customisable way to display data and reveal insights most relevant to company leaders. From understanding conversion by channel to identifying revenue at risk, display and consume all of the information you need in a matter of seconds—so you can take action just as quickly.

Customer Story

20% Increase in Sales and EBITDA

JAX Tyres & Auto uses advanced reporting to replicate what’s working well—and identify blind spots. Both franchisees and corporate uses take action on the findings, which has led to a 24% increase in repeat business.

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True Driver Analysis

Not All Experiences are Created Equal

It’s impossible to make every experience perfect, and that’s okay. What’s important is understanding the moments that matter to your customers and employees—and ensuring they hit the mark. Our proprietary True Driver Analysis™ helps you understand what elements of the experience have the greatest impact on the outcomes you care about and how to prioritise those variables.

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