Customer Journey Analytics

Improve adoption and 
reduce churn.

Optimise your most important touchpoints

Learn where your customers get stuck, and what experiences impact loyalty.

  • Monitor onboarding, support interactions, product experience, and pre-renewal relationship — all the key touchpoints for digital success.
  • Hyper-targeted microsurveys garner high response rates and get you the info you need to take action.
  • Trigger NPS, CSAT, & CES surveys from within Salesforce, Zendesk, Mixpanel, or other sources of customer data.
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Wait! What are NPS, CSAT and CES surveys exactly?

Eliminate avoidable churn.

  • Close the loop with customers in our platform or use your system of record.
  • Identify seeds of churn early. Act quickly to keep the relationship on track.

Take strategic action to improve the customer journey.

Understand why your customers love you or don’t — at scale.

  • Get deeper insights into your data– without a data analyst. Our easy, elegant dashboard lets anyone on your team slice & dice the data by your business drivers.
  • Create unlimited custom tags that match the words you define, or let machine learning tell you what your customers are talking about and how they feel. As responses come in, auto-categorising feedback helps you surfaces issues, prioritise product improvements, or identify who should follow up.

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NPs, CES, CSAT Dashboards for CX teams

Never miss a trend

Set up custom dashboards and trend reports for every team.

  • Alerts notify you and your team when customer sentiment shifts.
  • Surface issues, prioritise product improvements, and route for follow-up.

Customer profile and timeline show you how your relationship is changing.

  • Get the full picture of a single survey respondent.
  • See their responses over time and across the journey.
  • Opt customers out of surveys.

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