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Transform Insights to Actionable ROI Once and For All

Why is the ROI of experiences so hard to establish?

The answer is twofold:

  1. ROI can’t be captured in a single number; the value of your program is wide-ranging and can be found in any part of the enterprise.
  2. Many businesses focus too much on the end goal (ROI), but fail to establish a program with the necessary elements required for success.

In this webinar, Radi Hindawi, SVP of Insights & Consulting at InMoment, guides you on enhancing your current experience programs. Learn how to harness a variety of signals and provide specific insights tailored to each of your internal stakeholders. Radi also shares real-life examples of global success stories, featuring brands that have embarked on this revolutionary journey of going beyond metrics, and focusing on the meaning behind them.

Meet Your Host

Radi Hindawi

SVP of Insights & Consulting, InMoment

Radi is well-known within InMoment specifically and the CX world at large for his cheerful, passionate, and meticulously detailed approach to meaningfully improved experience program design. He produces these insights from within the company’s strategic services team. Radi is also a frequent speaker, consultant, and thought leadership author.

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