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InMoment Reveals Latest AI Advancements, Demonstrating Ongoing Commitment to Product Innovation

Today, InMoment unveils an array of cutting-edge features and capabilities in its acclaimed suite of products, further solidifying its commitment to providing top-tier products for its worldwide customer base. 

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Q4 Product Feature Highlights

This announcement underscores the company’s approach to integrated CX connecting customer experience data from various sources, leveraging award-winning AI to enhance real-time insights so organizations can make immediate, action-based decisions—across all facets of their operations.

Features That Help Businesses Generate the Strongest Feedback Signals

Generative AI-Infused Active Listening uses a generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) to produce more sophisticated and detailed prompts for richer feedback collection in any language. Easily configure the conversational prompts in the new Active Listening Agent Library, which contains different settings to create context-sensitive, voice-appropriate prompts for respondents to share the most actionable feedback.

AI Capabilities Developed to Deliver Richer Insights

Smart Summaries for Impact Prediction surfaces and summarizes what’s going on by providing a short summary of the likes, dislikes, and opportunities for improvement within a sample set of documents. This enhanced capability is the first generative AI tool of its kind, meticulously analyzing feedback data to tell CX professionals what they need to know in a natural language format.

Conversational Intelligence simplifies and speeds up the understanding of conversations (conversational document view, audio playback, call transcriptions, chat) and their flow between speakers without having to read the entire conversation. Within a contact center, this functionality aids teams in analyzing distinct speaker sections and can be used to investigate various facets of a conversation, contributing to more effective agent training and decision-making.

Facilitate Smarter Actions in Response to Customer and Market Dynamics

Competitor Analysis Alerts deliver monthly competitive insights from reputation management and experience analysis directly to stakeholder emails, providing seamless intelligence access for effortless monitoring of competitor performance.

Connect Third-party Case Management Systems seamlessly operates within a business’s preferred CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Access, update, and connect to a case directly within a third-party system or link to an individual case response within Data Exploration—optimizing workflow processes, accelerating issue resolution times, and minimizing data discrepancies across organizational technologies.

InMoment remains committed to innovation and investing in new and improved technology. These are just a glimpse of our product enhancements. Interested in learning more? Talk to an expert or contact your dedicated account manager. Also, in case you missed our Q3 feature highlights, check them out here.

Every product and service developed is geared towards helping businesses succeed by understanding their customers better. 

About InMoment:

InMoment, the leader in improving experiences and the highest recommended CX platform and services company in the world is renowned for helping clients collect and integrate customer experience data to uncover the insights that enable the smartest actions. As the pace setters in applying award-winning AI, its global clients activate every byte of their experience data—from structured surveys and social reviews to unstructured conversations from call logs, emails, support tickets, and chat transcripts to breakdown data silos. This unique technology combined with inhouse industry experts empower brands to gain ROI from their CX programs in half the time as its competitors. Unlock the true potential of every piece of customer data with InMoment. To learn more, visit

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