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Travel & Hospitality

Confidently Navigate Today’s Travel & Hospitality Challenges

Everyone travels differently. Some focus on thrift and convenience while others seek luxury and relaxation. Therefore, it’s already difficult to navigate the sea of ever-changing guest preferences and meet their needs. And as we continue to weather a global pandemic drastically impacting the travel industry, meeting evolving customer needs has never mattered more.

Keep Your Guests Coming Back with InMoment

As travelers get back on the road and in the air, you want them to choose you. Our experience improvement approach helps you build the type of trust and confidence that elicits guest loyalty. We’ll help you deliver the right experience at the right moments, ensuring guests choose you over the competition when they travel.

Make Your Guests’ Experience More Meaningful

Provide Employee Feedback & Coaching Opportunities

Leverage Case Management to Improve Experiences and Processes

Boost ROI Using Strategic Intelligence and Expert Advice

A member who rates as having the poorest experience has only a 43% chance of being a member a year later. Compare this to a member who gives one of the top two experience scores — they would have a 74% chance of remaining a member for at least another year.

Harvard Business Review

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