Why Mobile Survey Optimization Is Critical to VoC Program Success

A Brief Mobile History

Smartphones and tablets have been around for less than a decade, yet both technologies have been adopted faster than any other technology in our world’s history. In 2006, global smartphone penetration reached 5%, but by the end of 2013, this percentage rose to 22%—an increase in 1.3 billion smartphone owners.

Tablets have penetrated the world population at an even more impressive pace and matched the level of smartphone adoption and usage in a mere two years.

The Mobile-Optimization Movement

Mobile device technology continues to advance and be adopted worldwide, which creates an empowered consumer phenomenon—one that enables consumers to shop online, compare brands and prices, read reviews and feedback, and share customer experiences using social media and online review sites.

With increasing consumer dependency on mobile devices to obtain and share information, brands are beginning to look at new and innovative ways to engage with their customers using these technologies. This includes creating a mobile-optimized customer feedback survey for their Voice of the Customer (VoC) program.

People Prefer Proximity

Mindshare performed a study recently to better understand customer survey completion rates on mobile devices versus desktop computers. Shockingly, we discovered that surveys taken on mobile devices took 30 seconds longer to finish on average, yet their completion rates were 5% higher. This leads us to believe that customers are willing to spend a bit more time to take surveys using a more proximate and immediate channel.

Mobile-optimized surveys that complement the devices they’re viewed on promote customer responsiveness and result in higher survey completion rates. Higher completion rates lead to greater customer feedback insights. Greater customer insights drive necessary operational improvements at both the brand and location level.

It’s a process. But a process that results in exceptional customer experience and your brand beating out the competition.

Make the Move to Mobile

When it comes to online surveys and the rapid adoption of mobile technology, ignoring optimization is not an option.

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