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Petplan Taps MaritzCX Technology to Further Increase Win Rate

London, 10th December 2019 – Petplan, working with MaritzCX, introduced an automated identification of a ‘hot leads’ group feature, which is contained within Petplan’s sales journey tool, that has delivered direct ROI by helping Petplan prioritise actions to further increase its win rate.

“We don’t stand still when it comes to introducing new innovations to improve the customer experience and bottom line,” said Ingrid Wienholts, head of insights and CX at Petplan. “We are constantly working to improve our operations and service. The MaritzCX experience management technologies are helping us to pinpoint opportunities where we can react quickly to improve our performance to increase new customer acquisitions and maintain policy renewals.”

Petplan a pet insurance company and a subsidiary of Allianz Insurance builds upon its recent innovation success, by trialing video feedback with its customers.

Experience management is front and centre for Petplan. Monthly, its CX Board directs targeted actions for opportunities identified through the MaritzCX-powered CX programme. These actions are provided to the Customer Working Group, who meet weekly, to move the actions forward.

“Petplan had the vision and drive to reach for the prize and the discipline to stick to a programme to make a positive difference for its business,” said Stephan Thun, CEO International at MaritzCX. “We congratulate them on their success. We look forward to teaming with them as they continue to innovate product and service solutions to delight their customers.”

As recognition of their achievement, Petplan was awarded the CXNetwork Elite Award for Best CX Innovation of the Year at the 2019 CXForum in London.

About MaritzCX

MaritzCX is the leader in experience management for big business, and includes customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and patient experience (PX). MaritzCX combines award-winning experience management software, data and research science, and deep vertical market expertise to accelerate client success. The solution enables feedback to be collected at all touchpoints, analysed in real time and made available to all employees in the company in such a way that measures to improve customer relations and process optimisation can be initiated effectively and promptly. As a result, companies grow stronger and achieve a higher ROI and customers receive better service. Customers include global brands from the Automotive, Financial Services, Consumer Technology, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, B2B, Energy and Utilities industries.

Numerous customer programmes for Allianz, Volvo and HSBC, among others, have been awarded prizes by international judges, and MaritzCX recently received the 2019 “CX Partnerof the Year” Award.

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