A 3-Step Strategy for Delivering Exceptional Hospitality Experiences

Restaurants, bars and pubs rise and fall based on the experiences they provide to their guests. This can be particularly challenging for multi-unit operators where location managers must walk a fine line between maintaining a consistent brand experience and tailoring the experience to the demands of local patrons.

Managing the Guest Experience

An optimised CEM model should be a priority for any hospitality brand that values the quality of local guest experiences – and it begins with a three-step strategy designed to equip managers with the resources they need to quickly transform guest insights into tangible actions.

Focused Insights

Sending large quantities of unfocused guest feedback to location managers is a losing strategy. Today’s most advanced CEM solutions can empower location managers with daily action plans based on the most recent feedback insights for their location and across the brand. Using sophisticated CEM technology, managers can have an action plan in place within minutes of receiving relevant and location-specific guest feedback information.

Action-Focused Tools

While hospitality chains employ sophisticated feedback solutions, most location managers don’t possess the skills and training it takes to derive meaningful insights from complex reports. A better approach is for brands to equip location managers with technologies that do the work for them. Ideally, managers will be given access to solutions that present focus areas for improvement in a simple, clear user interface.

Shared Knowledge

The social knowledge-sharing capabilities offered by leading CEM solutions can provide several benefits. Less experienced managers gain access to virtual knowledge centres and other resources that work to fill gaps in their brand experience. Additionally, fostering this type of communication within a brand helps to build the brand’s internal community. Regardless of the amount of experience, all location managers have the ability to turn guest feedback data into specific improvement actions that can be shared as best practices brand-wide. This crowd-sourcing helps ensure a consistent brand experience and optimises the value of guest feedback insights.

A higher level of guest satisfaction (and ultimately brand advocacy) is being achieved through the implementation of CEM solutions and other technologies that give hospitality brands the ability to use guest feedback as a key driver of location performance. Instead of giving location managers more data that they need to wade through, these solutions equip managers with the actionable strategies they need to achieve meaningful improvements in the guest experience.

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