Segment Integration– Use Wootric NPS without touching code

Update 11.30.2015: MOBILE Now you can use to enable Wootric’s Net Promoter Score platform in your mobile app without touching code or waiting for the next release cycle. Learn more about Segment’s mobile integration platform.

In-product tools can be extremely valuable to a business.  Google Analytics, MixpanelOptimizely, Crazy Egg…I’m sure we all have a few we can’t live without.  But if your technical resources are constrained, even the easiest tools to install end up somewhere in the development pipeline.  As the non-technical side of the house, I know how hard it can be to wait to test out a new shiny tool.

We built InMoment to measure Net Promoter Score inside your product.  Why?  Because every online business deserves to hear from more customers in the most fresh and contextual way.  While a developer would tell you Wootric is a fast code install, it’s still an install.  And I’d certainly tell you that “marketing me” would need help.

We succeed when you succeed, so we’ll remove any barriers we can to help our customers–technical or non-technical–quickly get up, running, and listening to customers.

Introducing Wootric live on Segment:  Switch on in-product NPS!

If you’ve been considering bringing Net Promoter Score inside your SaaS product, e-commerce or other website, install just got easier.  Product folks, you now don’t have to carve out precious time to configure us.  Marketers and Success Professionals, you’ll be able to convince your dev team to try us out sooner.  We’ve partnered with Segment, a hub for customer analytics data.  With our Segment integration, any Segment customer can enable Wootric literally with the flip of a switch (without touching code or making changes to your site!)

Why is this magic?   Do you or your development team have spare minutes to configure a new tool?  That’s what I thought. 

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

1) Sign up on

2) Customize your Net Promoter Score survey as needed inside your Wootric dashboard, or use our trusted defaults. Personalize your NPS follow-up question, adjust survey sampling, or set your survey language (we now support 16! velkommen Norway!)

Customize the Wootric NPS Survey

3) Copy your unique NPS token from Wootric into Segment and turn it on!

Wootric enabled in Segment

Using Wootric through Segment?  Leave us a comment or drop us a line.  We’re in the business of feedback and we’d love yours!

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