Case Study: How Entelo uses In-app Customer Feedback to Prevent Churn

  • 2x response rate versus email provides a more complete picture of the Entelo customer base
  • Real-time feedback helps Entelo jump on customer issues quickly, rather than letting problems go unaddressed for months at a time

There are executives that talk a lot about valuing customer happiness, and then there’s Loni Spratt. Spend even a few minutes around Loni, Director of Customer Success at Entelo, and you’ll understand that it’s not just talk for her. She’s truly passionate about keeping customers satisfied, and it’s no wonder that she fits right in at a company like Entelo.

Goal: Help customers succeed, prevent churn

At Entelo, a provider of recruiting analytics software, everything comes back to helping their customers achieve their recruiting goals.  As the leader of the customer success team, it is Loni’s responsibility to not only help Entelo’s customers achieve their goals, but also to turn their insights and challenges into meaningful feedback for the rest of the organization.

This could mean improving the customer experience, improving the products themselves, or just doing a better job of demonstrating value to customers. However, in order to do these things, Loni first needed a way to make sure the company was monitoring customer satisfaction in the most accurate and timely way possible.

Obstacle: Monitoring customer health via email surveys was time-consuming, and feedback was coming in too late to respond to customer issues.

When Loni joined the company, Entelo collected Net Promoter Score data as part of a twice-a-year survey, performed using a popular free survey tool. This approach made it difficult to gain an accurate understanding of how customers actually felt. For one thing, only conducting a survey twice a year meant that serious customer satisfaction issues could go unidentified (and thus, unaddressed) for months at a time. In addition, Loni was not achieving the level of customer response she hoped for.

“We had a response rate of 22 percent each time we did it,” said Loni. “ ‘How accurate can that survey really be?’ It wasn’t a large enough  sample size to get information that you could actually make decisions off of.”

So, when Loni came across Wootric’s in-app Net Promoter Score survey on another website when she herself was surveyed, she recognized it as a more sophisticated method of measuring customer satisfaction that wouldn’t disrupt her customers’ work within Entelo. “It was really well designed, so simple but so powerful. You can still do what you were doing and then go back to it if you need to, finish the last thing you were about to do. I  really liked the sleekness.”

Results: Gathering customer feedback within Entelo’s SaaS application helps to reduce churn.

By working with Wootric to support their NPS needs, Entelo gained the ability to present attractive, single-question NPS surveys to their customers, while they were using the Entelo app. Instead of having to scan their email inbox, open the survey email, and then click through to complete the full survey, customers are now able to share their thoughts with Entelo instantly, and then continue what they were doing originally.

Higher response rates mean a better sense of customer health

When Entelo first began to use Wootric’s in-app NPS survey, their response rate quickly jumped to around 60 percent, before leveling off at about 50 percent. Clearly, more than doubling their response rate in a short period of time was something that Loni and her team could get excited about. Her staff now better understands which customers are most at risk of churning, and can take action to prevent the churn from happening.

More timely results mean fewer surprises

In addition to providing a wider look at the customer base, the Wootric data is also much more timely than data from email surveys. If a customer has a problem with their Entelo experience, Loni’s team knows about it immediately, and is able to pleasantly surprise their customers with how responsive they can be.

Entelo’s commitment to listening and responding to feedback is part of every customer onboarding. Customers are told about the surveys they may see and are told “we will listen to you.”

“Some of our customers are actually shocked at how fast we react when a negative comment comes in,” Loni said. “We’ve definitely received comments of, ‘Whoa. I just did this an hour ago. Is this an automated thing?’ They think it’s really cool.”

Marquee account issue identified & resolved

Loni provided one specific example of how Entelo was able to use the Wootric tool to turn around a bad situation: when a user from one of the company’s largest customers submitted a low score, Loni was able to determine that the issue the user was experiencing with the Entelo app could actually be traced back to the user’s browser settings, rather than a problem with the app itself.

We looped in one of my engineers, and we got it fixed,” said Loni. “If we had to wait six months to be able to act on that, this person probably would have checked out and stopped using Entelo altogether.”

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