What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience (CX) describes how customers feel about their collective experiences and interactions with a company—including their overall relationship with a specific brand.

What is Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) describes how customers feel about their collective experiences and interactions with a company—including their overall relationship with a specific brand. Customer experience programs refer to an organization’s ongoing efforts to listen to and collect customer feedback, measure customer perceptions of their experiences, and ultimately improve those experiences to encourage positive brand perception and business growth. Customer experience can also be referred to as Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM).

Why Does Customer Experience (CX) Matter?


Every successful business understands the importance of providing seamless, positive experiences. After all, 65 percent of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions. That’s why many successful businesses employe CX programs to listen carefully to customers, understand what they need, and use that information to become more efficient and responsive. But as organizations grow and become more complex, these crucial personal customer connections become more difficult to manage. This is especially true in a world where people interact with modern businesses in thousands of different ways across many touchpoints.

Tips for Building a Smart, Successful CX Program

Most organizations have some kind of formal customer experience program in place. These programs work to align a company’s actions around a customer-centric strategy, spread customer intelligence throughout an organization, and to establish an appropriate governance structure. The most successful CX teams play a crucial role in unifying and aligning frontline employees, management, product teams, and executive leadership around customers’ core needs.

Technology also plays a crucial role in these CX efforts by enabling companies to gather feedback from many different touchpoints, analyze it, and distribute it to the people responsible for making positive changes in specific areas. With an effective Experience Improvement (XI) Platform, businesses can identify customer issues and trends earlier, respond quicker, and turn everyday customer experiences into key competitive advantages.


A Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Customer Experience (CX) Program

A guide written for any business leader wishing to learn about CX programs, launching a CX program, how to become better at delivering and improving CX, getting closer to customers, or getting better information that will lead to more revenue and smarter decisions.

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How Can InMoment Help Improve Customer Experience?

InMoment offers businesses the unique combination of data, technology, and expertise they need to build best practice-driven CX programs. These include:

  • Experienced CX strategists who are standing by to help define key CX objectives and design programs that deliver tangible results.
  • Comprehensive data collection tools that make it possible to gather more data from more customer touchpoints and channels.
  • A flexible, powerful technology platform that brings data from all these different sources together and turns it into both actionable intelligence and business changing insights via industry leading analytics.
  • Case management tools that allow businesses to see and respond to customer issues instantly, close the feedback loop, and ensure important insights never get lost in the shuffle.
  • Targeted tools, reports, and information that empower every member of an organization to improve products, processes, and policies.
  • Best-in-class thought leadership and best practices resources that keep you up to date with the latest trends and hot topics.

It’s clear that CX programs are key to business success. You can take your CX efforts to the next level with InMoment’s revolutionary Experience Improvement approach, that helps you build a CX strategy that aligns the needs of your customers and employees with the needs of your business. Our proven approach helps you to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and to cut costs by eliminating inefficient processes.

It’s time to stop managing customer experiences and start improving them! Learn what InMoment and our Experience Improvement approach can do for your business today!

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