Designing Extraordinary Experiences: Filling the Gaps with Intelligent Automation

In the evolving e-commerce market, consumers have just as much power as brands, if not more. As a result, the demand for intelligent, user-friendly customer experience (CX) has only increased, with no signs of it slowing down.

 In a highly competitive market, traditional methods will no longer cut it. In order to create a meaningful experience that benefits everyone—brands, customers, employees, and the market—you need all-encompassing business intelligence tools that fill the gaps with insights that will drive impactful results. 

InMoment puts the intelligence in intelligent automation. The XI Platform is comprised of three clouds, the CX Cloud, the Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and the Market Experience (MX) Cloud. Built on a modernized technology stack, these clouds can be used individually or combined to deliver insights from the most critical lines of your business. 

4 Key Drivers in Experience Intelligence Automation

#1: Synthesize

Customer feedback is essential, yes, but there’s more to it than that. Data doesn’t come from just one source or even one format; experience data lives in every part of your business. Our approach widens your lens to a 360-degree view by mining and storing data from a variety of sources—your organization, its products, your market, and your competitors—to identify the most critical intersections of what creates meaningful experiences. With InMoment, science is infused in every part of the XI Platform, which enables the extraction of more data in more formats for even more intelligent business insights.  

#2: Analyze 

Collecting and leveraging data through silos makes it difficult to piece all of the experiences together and even harder to create an effective CX strategy. But with the extraction of data in its original form combined with the unique fusion of sources, our platform easily compiles findings from the customer, employee, and market to take your analytics to the next level. By viewing metrics through the right lens, you can maximize the quality and relevance of the insights that your company receives to transform CX metrics into meaningful analysis, which in turn, gives your company the tools to execute an actionable, data-driven customer experience strategy. 

#3: Prioritize 

Every company strives for meaningful contribution but without the fundamental knowledge of your customers, employees, competition, and the market, you can never truly make informed decisions. InMoment’s XI Platform allows you to customize and tailor the intelligence that users receive, ensuring everyone gets the relevant insights needed. This experience intelligence allows everyone to better understand feedback and prioritize the issues that require immediate action and solve those problems. Our solution is highly scalable to meet your company where you are now and get you where you want to go.

#4: Monetize 

With InMoment’s XI Platform and a fully integrated CX strategy, your business can finally see the big picture. Better customer experience transparency allows your company to turn findings into action that produces more business value and profit. These purposefully designed, extraordinary experiences aid in fostering long-term, measurable growth. 

Want to learn more about how our XI Platform can take your CX program to the next level? Download InMoment’s eBook “Designing Extraordinary Experiences: Combining the Power of Customer, Employee, and Market Experience Intelligence” today.

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